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Hive multi-cart - It's alive!

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Amazon is your friend ;).

I went to the library and checked out a dvd set a couple years ago and watched it all on a weekend. The title song stuck in my head and almost turned cancerous.

Kinda reminded me of visiting my grandma 30 years ago who thought it was very funny and laughed most the time the show was on. You didn't dare change the channel or a flurry of German swear words would be said that I never understood then.

Ya thought me being a Atari guy I woulda been a more Different strokes/Facts of Life kinda man..

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Just to recap: The deluxe version will also include a microSD card that will contain :-

  • 7 full and DRM free homebrew games :-
    • Rocketeer
    • Next Street
    • CollectorVision's "Sydney Hunter & The Shrines of Peril"
    • +4 games (not programmed by me - more details soon)
  • Music demos by Der Luchs and Mystery Musician
  • A graphics demo by nonner242
  • Demos of other games and some utilities
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Plus homebrew testing is always great.

The main games on the deluxe version will be their full and final version. No testing required! Just fire them up and play. Any game demos will have limited playability/levels/lives just to give a teaser of things to come.

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