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HSC10 Round 12: Super Breakout & Kaboom!

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Super Breakout

& Kaboom!


EVERYONE welcome to join in! Also a good time to give the abbuc magazine a plug; if anyone wants to support the Atari 8-bit why not subscribe for a year (4 issues) and you'll get the brand-new software contest games in September before they are released plus you get to vote in the contest. The magazine is in German but the disk usually contains a round up of recent releases, however, the contest games are worth the small fee alone. The money goes to award prize money and will greatly encourage people to write new games (yes I'm doing one but It's more for the love mug than the money!) Anyone interested checkout the abbuc website post here or send Bunsen, SKR or myself a message :)


Super Breakout play all four game options [breakout, Progressive, Double & Cavity] total score will count with 1pt bonus for the highest score on each game. Paddles only game! [select/F3 to choose game]


Kaboom what the heck it's very quick to play so take a crack at 'one player' on both small paddles and large paddles if you can; otherwise use the joystick option for both small and large [Option/F4 to choose controller] ;)


Controllers Emulator users should be able to setup the mouse to be a paddle - [altirra 'Input' Port 1 - Mouse Padle A, then 'Input' Capture Mouse or press F12 to toggle on/off] let me know if you need help! Pick up some paddles from Ebay or Amazon (serach for 2600 paddles or Atari paddles they should be fairly cheap). Get two sets (=4 paddles) if you can, then you can play some awesome 4 player games such as Castle Crisis too :)


Jittery paddles? After a couple of goes they should warm/charge up and work better but if not play 2 player and use the other one perhaps! The law of paddles states that player 2's paddle will aways be better!!! Checkout the HSC paddles thread if you want more info but I found it seemed to be a 130XE issue and they worked better after a few plays each time ;)


Round Closes Sunday 4th August 10PM UK Time (this will now be the regular closing time!)


Downloads & Info Fandal Super Breakout , Kaboom! Atarimania Super Breakout, Kaboom!


Have fun any try and beat the HSC records for some bonus points!

KABOOM [Graphics:7 Sound:8 Playability:7 HSCR *6*] [played s2-r1, 4-15, 8-4]


(LARGE PADDLES) Zylon : 53604

(SMALL PADDLES) Zylon : 4468

SUPER BREAKOUT [Graphics:7 Sound:4 Playability:7 HSCR *7*] [played 8-10]

(BREAKOUT) Zylon : 1342

CAVITY)Zylon : 1632

(DOUBLE) Zylon : 1714

(PROGRESSIVE) Zylon : 2068

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Okay, I'll start us off. Doing it NTSC this round - I have both of these on cartridge, so it's back to the living room with the XEGS, real paddles and big-screen TV.









Kaboom! large 998

Kaboom! small 453


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