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HSC10 Round 12: Super Breakout & Kaboom!

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ahhh that old read the manual chestnut... I'm now veering towards tactic A!. My paddles seem to get scared after leaving them for a minute between goes (attention seeking me thinks)



Three bumps from me:

Super Breakout

Breakout 965

Progressive 2072

Double 1367

Cavity 1342

Total 5,746



Large 7441

Small 2414

Total 9,855


Final month of assembler for abbuc comp, still can't get the darn game to even run but the 130XE is processing as I type :-o :twisted: ... new tables in 5...



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Vote for the next HSC game H*E*R*E ;)

Latest tables!

scoring: 10pts win, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 6pts, 4th 5pts, 5th 4pts. 3pts for 6th-8th, 2pts for 9th-10th, 1pt for 11th+


Super Breakout

Rank Player ------- Break Prog Dubl Cav Total Points

1st McKong B:1157 P:2186* D:1601 C:2030* Total 6809 14pts ##**

2nd Zylon (N) B:1301 P:2743* D:1600 C:1000 Total 6644 12pts ##*

3rd therealbountybob B:965 P:2072* D:1367 C:1342 Total 5746 7pts*

4th adam242 (N) B:450 P:997 D:740 C:569 Total 2756 6pts

5th roadrunner (N) B:307 P:527 D:434 C:313 Total 1581 5pts

6th orpheuswaking (N) B:245 P:642 D:362 C:223 Total 1472 4pts

7th bluecat B:249 P:291 D:0 C:360 Total 900 3pts

8th firestorm B:801 P:0 D:0 C:0 Total 801 3pts

9th jblenkle (N) B:85 P:0 D:0 C:0 Total 85 3pts




Rank Player Large Small Total Points

1st Zylon (N) L:27624 S:3513 Total 31,137 13pts ##

2nd therealbountybob L:7441 S:2414 Total 9855 8pts

3rd McKong L:3459 S:1447 Total 4906 6pts

4th firestorm L:3823 S:1015 Total 4838 5pts

5th adam242 (N) L:2089 S:1087 Total 3176 5pts

6th Fallout_002 (N) L:1964 S:752 Total 2716 4pts

7th bluecat L:998 S:447 Total 1445 3pts

8th orpheuswaking (N) L:773 S:521 Total 1294 4pts

9th jblenkle (N) L:557 S:0 Total 557 3pts


(N)=+1pt for NTSC players

# Highest individual game score bonuses

* HSC Record bonus points


KABOOM [Graphics:7 Sound:8 Playability:7 HSCR *6*] [played s2-r1, 4-15, 8-4]

(LARGE PADDLES) Zylon : 53604

(SMALL PADDLES) Zylon : 4468

SUPER BREAKOUT [Graphics:7 Sound:4 Playability:7 HSCR *7*] [played 8-10]

(BREAKOUT) Zylon : 1342

CAVITY) Zylon : 1632

(DOUBLE) Zylon : 1714

(PROGRESSIVE) Zylon : 2068

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Few more runs of Cavity and Doubles, and 2 new PB's :) Tricky to pump those 2 up with only 3 screens...



- large paddle- 27,624

- small paddle- 3,513


Super Breakout

B- 1,301

C- 1,720

D- 1,775

P- 2,743


T= 7,539



Edited by zylon
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Breakout double 2583 my first 'Wow!' sadly 5 short of a 'Best'


Pic? That's close to the max of 2,638 on that one, meaning you'd have to keep both balls going over 95% of the hits for 25+. :) That would be the closest I've seen.


Now, if only someone would hack this one for more screens... :cool: :ponder:

Edited by zylon
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My Super Breakout scores:


Breakout - 432

Progressive - 893


Double & Cavity tomorrow

Welcome DonPedro, always nice to have new players join in :thumbsup:


This round finishes at 10pm UK time, you can Vote for the next game HERE and suggest any you would like to play on the Games List. There will be a 'catch-up' round later in the season for any rounds you have missed.


Breakout double 2583 my first 'Wow!' sadly 5 short of a 'Best'

Well done McKong, at least someone is giving Zylon a run for his potentiometers :D


Might have one more session, been working on my abbuc game all day my brain is fried :-o

If players can put a summary of their scores in their last post it would be appreciated :)

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