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New Intellivision Game Announcement!

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Elektronite, Classic Game Publishers, Inc. and First Star Software, Inc. are pleased to announce that they will be co-publishing Boulder Dash® For the Mattel Electronics Intellivision® video game system.


Since its initial release in 1984, several million units of Boulder Dash® have been purchased throughout the world on numerous platforms. Undoubtedly, Boulder Dash® is First Star's best known game, and continues to delight and challenge casual and hard-core players of all ages and both sexes. We are pleased to finally, after 30 years, be able to bring the official Boulder Dash® to the Intellivision®.


Boulder Dash® is currently in development for the Intellivision® and is scheduled to be released in SUMMER 2014.


Elektronite and Classic Game Publishers, Inc. are pleased to be working with First Star Software, Inc. to bring this beloved classic game to the Intellivision® platform.


Boulder Dash® is a registered trademark of First Star Software, Inc.

Intellivision® is a registered trademark of Intellivision Productions, Inc.

Classic Game Publishers, Inc. is an authorized developer of games for the Intellivision® and publishes

QUALITY games for the Intellivision® under its Elektronite brand.

Classic Game Publishers, Inc. and Elektronite are not affiliated with Intellivision Productions, Inc.

Intellivision Productions, Inc. does not endorse this product.




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Sounds great!


Here's a link to the First Star Software website to save others the horribly long efforts to google their name and follow the first link.




They need to add Elektronite/Classic Game Publishers to their list of partners! Right next to Nintendo would be just fine ;).

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Oh I am going to make some friends: Since this is an official release, wouldnt it be much more original if it comes without serials? Serious question, because serials are for special editions and homebrews, but this game is nothing of them, its a regular edition of an official release (cant say that often enough today: Official Intellivision release :lol:)


Maybe use serials for the first 100 as special edition and for the games after that run no serials. So you have a special and a regular edition and collectors of variants need to buy both :P

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The game is planned to have serial numbers.


People call us 'homebrew' but I have rejected that label from the beginning, as we are a real company selling games in all new materials.


Some of our games are officially licensed...others are original product.


I think the reason that people insist on calling us 'homebrew' is that is the label you get when you produce games for old systems. So, I guess First Star, who was there in the day, are just as 'homebrew' as we are.


When Intellivision Productions starts making their own cartridges, will they be considered 'homebrew'?

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Since when do you have the license from Intellivision Productions to make games? Was there a release in the past with that license or is it for future releases and if yes: All of them, or do you need to get the license for every game? Maybe this license covers old games too?


For me its pretty easy: You made games for the Intellivision in the past, nothing official, but also no homebrews, but every release which is licensed by Intellivision is one addition to the 125.

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On the topic of serial numbers... Have some Elektronite releases had serial numbers, while others have not? Of the four different titles I have, two have serial number stickers, two do not. I've seen similar w/ IntelligentVision releases -- some had serial numbers, some did not.

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