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Interest Check - Space Raid 2600


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Hi guys.


I've decided to allow http://www.collectorvision.com/ to publish a physical edition of Space Raid (Atari VCS/2600) :)


There will be both loose cartridge and CIB editions. Art still will be commisioned, also final price still is not known but it will be a reasonable one.


To reserve yours just put a post saying what edition do you want: loose or CIB.


Currently only NTSC version, unless there is enough interest for a PAL60 one.


Later when everything is ready, Collectorvision will contact everyone for final order and there will be no more cartridges.


Thanks! ;)


Edit: This interest check will run till Dec/15/2013


Here is a video of the game in action (sound somewhat desync but it gives a good idea)



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Almost I forget it, the video shown for the game is older than actual game, where the spaceship is animated when you go to left and right, also included walls and chasms, also the flickering is much better in real hardware.


Please add me to the list for CIB copy. However, the price will of course be a factor.


Cart I'd like to plan on. CIB - depends on price. To many Coleco games to buy soon... :-)


I've been told that loose cart price will be around $30-$35 and CIB will be around $50-$55, a small tolerance while J-F (retroillucid) calculates final prices.


Mark me as tentatively down for a boxed version, depending on the box art.


Ok! There is a chance that there will be two different box arts :)

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