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Flappy - my 1st released game.


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Hey nice work, and thanks for sharing this!

Thank you.

There will be a bit more added.

Today I made a title and added a high score save (until you power off it remembers the highest score).

It still needs a flap sound, and then I will call it done.

First post updated with Version 5!

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This is neat. I made a YouTube video to show it to some friends (it may come as a shock, but not everyone has an atari emulator installed on their computer)



Honestly, I find this to be a better game than the original icon_razz.gif

Thank you.

I was hoping someone would make a video for YouTube!

I never played the original, just watched a video, but I wanted to make mine at least a bit more fun (and funny).

I added a high blip sound yesterday for each point - I liked that part of the original, a different shade of green horizon, and more building windows. ...guess I should post it up?

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All my secrets?

There's a pearl script here that takes a .wav file and converts it to data.

First you need an audio program to take your sound and convert it down from 44.1KHz or whatever, down to 7Khz or 4KHz or 3.5KHz or some small rate but that still sounds still okay.

Then save it as an 8-bit .wav file.

Then in the terminal, I have OSX, run the script ./wave2atari.pl -wav mywav.wav -outfile mydata

It will make a text file with the sound data.

I hacked it into an assembly file that I edited to use with batari Basic's "include" command.

This is the smallest sound I've done so far. I'd say it uses 768 bytes.

That's brilliant, would you mind sharing the assembly file and/or maybe some instructions for us at home? I'm sitting here with a bunch of data waiting for my vcs to play me led zeppelin.
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That's brilliant, would you mind sharing the assembly file and/or maybe some instructions for us at home? I'm sitting here with a bunch of data waiting for my vcs to play me led zeppelin.

Funny you should mention Led Zeppelin.

One of the first sound hacks I did - way back in the 1990's - was a program called Maelstrom. Asteroids with power ups.

I replaced most of the game sounds with Zeppelin.

Times multiplier said 'how many more times', 10,000 bonus points was "oh you got so much", missing a power up was "you let me down", and the comet, of course, was "I come from the land of the ice and snow", etc.

You can still play it on Linux and probably other OSes. (I uploaded my sound files, but they were never added to the website.)

Here is Maelstrom for i686 OSX: Maelstrom.app.zip

Here is the website for other operating systems: http://www.libsdl.org/projects/Maelstrom/binary.html

Here is my led_zep sounds file: Led_Zep.txt Rename it "Maelstrom_Sounds" and place it in the Maelstrom program.


Here is the blog with wav2atari.pl


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Never used perl before and get a fleeting black square when I try to run wav2atari.pl. Don't see any way to add the file either unless there's supposed to be a browse button or something in the program that's not working? Just downloaded activeperl for windows and having no luck. Anyone else curious and got it to work?

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Did you make the sound file an 8-bit wav with reduced bit rate?

From a terminal window (where you have the script and the sound file) you have to type:

./wav2atari.pl -wav mywav.wav -outfile mydata


replacing mywav.wav with the name of your 8-bit wav file and mydata with the name of the file you want that will contain the data in a text file.

Next you have to copy those pages of data and paste them into an .asm file that plays audio.

After all that, you have to compile the .asm file into an atari 2600 binary using the command-line program dasm

Example: dasm Fighter.asm -f3 -v0 -oFighter.bin

Here is hello.asm:


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Sorry, can't help much with Windows. I use OSX.

I think you would have to install pearl

I never used it before this script.

Everything else should be the same.

Use short file and folder names without spaces.

Windows uses the backslash to show directories where everything else uses forward-slash.

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My Atari 2600 "Flappy" along with the Commodore 64 version of Flappy will be shown this weekend (Saturday, March 15, 2014) at the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. (I can't wait to see some pictures!)

Also confirmed is that it will be for sale in the AtariAge Store as a labeled cartridge with instruction card!

I will add a PAL60 version with a switch and probably cap the speed increases after 40 or 50 because I haven't managed to get a score higher than 52 and it might be impossible at that point.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Flappy RC1 in first post.

Flappy Release Candidate 1 is at the top of post #1.

Bug fixed where score would roll at 99 back to 0!


Report any other bugs or suggestions as this is nearly complete.

(I know if you have the button down during the score beep it makes extra sounds. I don't know how to fix that... call it a feature!)


I failed at making a switchable NTSC/PAL60 version. I know you only need to change the color values, but this kernel sets the background colors with a ROM table, and ROM can not be changed.

An entire PAL60 version needs created, and that is quite easy, but I wanted to make it NTSC/PAL60 switch selectable like some games currently are.

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Use two tables in ROM and copy them to RAM (and later read them from there) depending on i.e. COLOR switch at RESET?

(needs some RAM obviously :)


OR of you have little RAM but lots of CPU time, replace all direkt color loads from ROM with pointers, that might require a substantial rewrite though.

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Thanks for the link. Making a 2nd build with PAL colors is not a problem.

The problem is the batari Basic data statement that sets the background colors. Using variables does not work. I can't use the Color B&W Switch to change NTSC/PAL colors because the background colors come from that data statement.

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