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Flappy - my 1st released game.


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Quick test (at work) shows that R0 was the one that works the best. The pipes are not completely aligned, but more to the middile of the screen. Also after R0 the gap is always towards the bottom of the screen. Which makes for easier game play but... :P

According to notes in the first post,

RC0 stopped the speed increasing passing 40 or 50 pipes, but the score wraps from 99 to 0.

RC1 fixed so the score could go to 999.

RC2 used an assembly random routine to make the gaps less repetitive (more random), still it chooses a string of low openings where you don't need to flap, but after the third pipe of not flapping it will glitch and kill you, so you CAN rest your button pushing, just not past three pipes.


Does the speech "Doh!" when killed work with any older version? That was a "wow" feature.

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