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Vectrex gaming system sealed question


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The price for a factory sealed Vectrex varies based on box condition, time of year, and who knows what else. In the last year I've seen them sell from $300-$700 for a sealed system with nothing else. I bought one last year for $350 shipped with the sealed box in excellent condition and very little shelf wear.


There's always one or two listed for $900 or more on eBay, but those seem to be unsold and relisted monthly.

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Wow Akator, you had a Vectrex shipped that wasn't drop-kicked in transit? Now *that's* extremely rare! :lol:


:D Truer words have rarely been spoken


[edit] It only arrived intact because a factory sealed Vectrex will not fit into a bubbalope ;) [/edit]

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I have a Vectrex gaming system that is in boxed sealed .


how much is the going rate for something like that? its har dot research it as it is so hard to find one that has never been opened.


There was a guy selling them BNIB on eBay for a while, don't think they went for more than $600 but I could be wrong. Prices went down as he kept listing more and more systems, but I haven't seen him list any in a while. I picked up a brand new spare vectrex for a case swap with a vectrex with a damaged case from him.

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There was a guy (company) selling them BNIB in the newgroups for a bit many years ago. Also on eBay and other places. Some of those early sales migrated back to eBay from people flipping them.


The highest I have seen a sealed one go for is $2K [uSD] But that was unusual! Also more than a few years back.


A sealed, no-buzz would go for more than average. What's your serial number?

A factory sealed Bandai Vectrex might actually fetch $2K or more.


Each would fetch more if it came with the brown single-unit overbox, or the large multi-unit box found on palette shipments.

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A bunch have come up on eBay in the last few years. One vendor in the midwest sold several in the $300-$600 range if I rrecall. One guy most recently had one up that was from that lot that he sold for something on the upper end of that range. I do want one that is confidently sealed.

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