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Game Panic LCD (Atari 2600 Homebrew)


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Expert level collector and contributor to the Cowlitz Gamers for Kids charity John Hancock has collaborated with me on a new Atari 2600 game!


Game Panic LCD attempts to recreate the experience of handhelds such as Radio Shack Plane & Tank. As such the controls and graphics are extremely simple. Dash to the other side of the screen for points! How long can you last?


An enhanced version will be offered by John with some proceeds going to the Children's Justice & Advocacy Center.


Please feel free to comment and add suggestions. With your input the cartridge version will be even better!

post-13304-0-88975800-1403534592_thumb.png post-13304-0-27398100-1403534613_thumb.png



John's game room has been overrun by spiders and water leaks! To further complicate matters his garage door has gone on the fritz and will only open periodically. Help him dash to the right-most exit with a handful of games while avoiding falling water and creepy critters!



Setting either difficulty switch to pro will result in the game starting with more spiders and water.



Use your joystick to maneuver your player within the lower half of the screen left and right. After game over press the fire button to return to the title screen. Pressing reset during game play will return you to the title screen. Reset is not available on the title screen, while losing a life or immediately after game over.


100 points are awarded for each successful exit to the far right-hand side of the screen.



A title screen will appear displaying the current high score. After a short duration a game play demonstration will appear.

When you are ready to play, press the fire button. The score will be displayed bottom center on the TV screen. Just above the score six joypad icons will be displayed, indicating that the player has six lives left.

The players will start behind the west facing garage door. If you wait too long both west or east facing garage doors will force you out. Water and spiders will begin to fall in increasingly larger volumes. Avoid contact and proceed right until the exit is reached.

No traversal-able space is safe from falling objects! Obstacles will increase over time until eventually becoming random (even changing mid flight!). If contact is made between falling objects and the player a joypad is deducted. When all six joypads have been spent the game is over. Upon loss of all lives the current high score is displayed.

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I just want to publicly say a huge THANK you to theloon for all the hard work put into this project. Feedback is welcome. Plan is for this to be done for PRGE in October(30 or so copies), with an exclusive version auctioned off to raise funds for Children s Justice and Advocacy Center.

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Just an update to everyone: A deluxe collectors edition of Game Panic will debut at PRGE this year. The carts have been made, complete with manual, warranty card, and case(like the ones used for CGE adventures and Mean Santa. The game will come with a bonus lightscribe DVD of my Atari Nuts and Bolts to Videogame Collecting. This will be a numbered run, 43 copies. Price will be $40 each Please visit me at the show(I will be near the Nintendoage Booth at Classics & Oddities in the back) There also will be one for the PRGE auction that is different, and one of a kind(the auction one will be sold for charity). Hope to have pics by the end of the week.

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Just a heads up, I have decided to make a small batch of Game Panic for those who might have missed out on this game. Proceeds go to help fund future projects for Cowlitz Gamers for Kids. I am currently gauging interest and have a thread in the marketplace for it.


link: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/231079-homebrew-2600-game-panic-taking-preorders-for-a-small-run/


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