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ABBUC Software-Contest 2014


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Hi everybody,

the first submission for this years contest already arrived. Please find information about SWC 2014 and most current list of entries there:



German/English ABBUC Forum topic: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8046


I try to keep it updadet here too, of course:

Entries so far:
Title - Genre - Author

Dimo`s Quest - Game - 8BitJunkie


Let´s see if we can reach 14 entries again. I especially encourage you to read JAC!s really useful programming hints, which will save you lots of pain, especially when using Emulators for coding:
Thanks to JAC! for his wonderful support.


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You can be evil, but if it does not run on real hardware here (I have lots of it), it will not enter the competition. If you can test on real hardware all is fine, but if not, better listen to JAC! ;)

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The ABBUC pages I´ve linked to in the first post should be accesible for everybody, no matter if you are an ABBUC member or not and if you have an account or not. If that does not work, please give me a note and I´ll fix it.


And thanks to +Adam+ for the quick support. :)


Edit: Whoa, the first link seems to direct you to the wrong place. As I can´t edit the post anymore, please try this link here:


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I think, most people realise that the ABBUC SWC takes place every year and the deadline is sometime end of August. And entries enter late usually. There´s always one who goes ahead and is the first entry for a while. Last year it was Dev Wars by Cliff Hatch.


I´m relaxed and wait for the things to come as I know that there are people who code a full game in only 16 hours. ;)

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This is the quote I remembered


Rules of game are quite similar to “Light Up!” that I coded and sent to Abbuc SW Contest in 2006. This game is however really coded from scratch.


So, the logic was not new, but was coded from scratch. Anyways, even IFF the logic was completed, I wouldn't have been able to do the rest in 16h. So I tip my hat :)

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Let us present the latest project by MPG Productions for the upcomming ABBUC Software Contest. The game is still in very early stage (started just last week) but some essential functionality is already in place.

Code and game concept: MaPa

Visuals: PG




This looks nice.

I like that it is not just colorful using obvious DLI's.


I am more and more happy that my game will be finished next year. :P

However, just today I thought I might enter something simple just to be part of the crowed. Let's see when the Word Cup ends for Germnay :)

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