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Does anyone make new Atari 8-bit cartridge shells?


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@candle: Only dimensions will be drawn. In addition, there will be an eq file from Mq with a PCB template. I do not intend to provide more documentation due to the contract with my contractor. As far as I know - you have already talked to Stryker of atariarea on this subject.

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for any serious work you need to deliver 2d drwaings in dxf or similair format plus step/iges/paradolid/solidworks model of this case, if not, this is pretty much useless for mass production cartridges, because of amout of work to be done for something that shouls be there on first place.

mq and his template in some kind of ecad format is not enough - there are plenty of ecad tools that use dxf or step models to fully integrate pcb with enclosures, and that kind of files you then send to CNC center so any additional holes could be cut in. if your goal is personal use only, just for hobbiest making few devices for fun, then let it be that way, but if this was an investment, and i belive it was a serious one, you're doomed to fail

look at documentation form other manufacturers: Polish kradex, maszczyk for a start, look what hammond provides, takachi

im not asking for something special here, just bare minimum industry relies on, and if this is too much to ask, then i cannot and will not support your design in any new project i start

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So - i do it on atariarea thread in polish. Please write in proper place - you know, than my english is poor. Where is your project available for free in this case? (not, not only sell by lotharek - for free?)

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So, according to what candle wrote, all the Atari hobbyists are doomed to fail. Probably if every people will don't give him what he want, he will not do anything else, and Atari will die forever.
Additionally I'm one of the first men who are doomed to fail, because I like to draw some boards in Eagle and share them to others.
Unfortunately, my English is as poor as Sikor's, so it determines my fall. Fortunately, I'm trying to use capital letters and punctuation, so maybe it will save me partially :)

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well, at least i tryed

if you simply can't understand the need of documentation being available for anyone trying to use your product (mind you,  its a product) then i'm sorry

i don't see a point in bringing lotharek to the table - is your case free for anyone? no, it cost money, as anything else in this world

you invested the money in the mold, and try to sell (not give away) this cartridge shell to anyone interested, or you're limiting your product to the hobbyst willing to use eagle as his ecad of choice

if the second one - good, i have no problem with this, just a statement that i cannot make any use of it

as to what mq says - i leave it without any comment



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It's not about Eagle. And it's not about me. I don't cowork with Sikor and don't participe with his product cost, and I don't earn any money from this project. I just like this shells, so I would like to participe in popularise them. Sikor likes the idea to share open projects in any cad software, so I draw my simple project in Eagle, and others may draw it in any other software and share to everyone. So candle: if you like to use another cad software, then you can draw such simple project and share it to the comunity. As I know someone else is drawing a similar project in KiCad for example. Candle may draw it in Altium, someone else in yet another etc.
I try to measure preproduction sample of the shells to draw as accurate dimensions as possible in Eagle. It's no problem if when I will do it, then everyone can take my dimensions from Eagle and copy them to another projects in any cad software. 

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i can't

it would be inaccurate at least without proper documentation

this is all i'm saying

inaccurate is worse than none, since one's errors propagate then on next design and then you end up with a file in one hand and stack of boards on the floor

there is 2d shape and there are 3d obstacles to avoid

trial and error is not the way - if you make something psychical, provide documentation as any other manufacturer does

and from your saing - its about me, as you attack me personally


and once more - dimensions should be given, not taken from nature, this is not sculpture for haven's sake, it's a design


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I am sorry but I do not understand why you are trying to make sikor's shells useless.

I understand dimensions for the shell are known. There will be a template that can be used to take measures.

Why people instead of cooperate and make good quality products are trying to show that other side does not know how to do things and the effort should be discarded.


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No, the effort should not be discarded, but @candle's observations are valid. If you're intending to make these things for mass production, then you need to provide enough material so that people purchasing the cartridges can make appropriate changes to/for their tooling. period.


I do not understand this incessant need pervasive in this community to keep things like this, as if they are trade secrets or under NDA. It's fucking ridiculous.



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