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TG-16 Season 4

What do you want?  

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  1. 1. Rounds or month long

    • Month long contest with 10 games
    • Month long contest that every week 2 games are removed
    • 10 week contest with 1 game per week
    • or like last time with rounds last 2 weeks after one week another game is added

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TG-16 season will start up once IGBY is over which is august 5th. We are going to do 10 games. How do you guys want to do the games random games I selected or each player nominates at least 2 games, or a public vote. Make sure to vote on the setup regarding if rounds or a month long

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with the ladders i was thinking giving everyone 100 points to start off with, the one player challenges the other in a game giving each other a day to compete in the game winner get's 5 points loser loses 5 points, and if someone that get's challenged declines a challenge 3 times they lose 5 points. I was also thinking of doing a live scoreboard with the winner putting the data in the form to send to it

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Yeah, the ladder sounds interesting, but I don't think I'd have enough time for that. Instead I vote for month long contest with 10 games. IGBY style but with less games, so I may at least try all of them.


As for choosing games I'd prefer players nominating games and if there are more than 10 nominations, then public vote or randomly choosing some of them.

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Contest starts now and will last intil September 26th


scoreboard https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z7ZOSWpwT7cCLqNQNCU2fPjSLRPrfUN5MsNL3HesZtg/edit?usp=drive_web


form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11Tq77FHLMoe9WypjDfHgcz-xkoxuOyA3sxnsYa1BTbA/edit





Alien Crush

Parasol Stars

Air Zonk


Darkwing Duck


Terra Cresta II


Bonk's Adventure


happy gaming and if you want in the contest just let me know so i can add you to the scoreboard and form

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Since no specifications were given on any game I'm assuming that everything is played at default, with no continues. Hence Alien Crush is set at Fast, Air Zonk at Spicy/Auto and Cratermaze, unfortunately, on he easier setting, which is mind numbingly easy(only easy enemies are used, can't fall down holes, etc). I stopped with 9 lives left since I just couldn't take it anymore.



Vigilante - 2,410





Alien Crush - 2,180,800




Air Zonk - 154,550




R-Type - 183,400





Bonk's Adventure - 16,740





Cratermaze - 354,400



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Cratermaze 1,453,000


I had a little more than that but I made the mistake of hitting "right click" trying to get the menu up for a screenshot & that apparently shuts down the emulator. so no pic, sorry!


and don't hit right click if you're using magic engine!!


it's really not hard though if you have the time I think I had just beat the game too. There was a big stone-gollum boss character that gave me 100,000 pts when he died. I just hadn't gone through the door yet.

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ok I got them into the form.


darthkur is right about Cratermaze! fortunately the game ends, so it will become a point-pressing contest if there are any others who would care to finish the game.


-- i just found out I hadn't quite beat it yet: http://highscore.com/scores/TurboGrafx16PCEngine/Cratermaze/7138


there's another "Darklord" type boss character to fight at round 60 & that's the end. takes a long time!

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Same as Ghouls and Ghosts...are we allowed to play that one?


Was there a non-Japanese release of Ghouls and Ghosts for TG16/PCE? I haven't found it in the romset I have, that's why I nominated Daimakaimura.


My scores and screenshots so far:


R-Type - 147,400




Terra Cresta - 1,012,600




Daimakaimura - 16,000




Vigilante - 810



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