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"Nearly completed" is a broad term. Yes, the proto probably contains all major elements, but it almost completely lacks polishing. Which is a major part of development, which is way underestimated very often.


IMO its about 50% complete.


We'll have to agree to disagree on our definitions. To me polish is the last 10%-15%. The game is completely playable and looks damn good, so to me it's around 90% (maybe 85% because of that fast scroll bug).

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I made a small update to the Elf Adventure page.

Something's off with the formatting one some of the pages. The Main page and Pink Panther aren't wrapping text to fit the page so they end up with a scroll bar at the bottom:





Elf Adventure and the few others I checked all correctly wrap the text.




I normally use Safari but also saw the problem when using Chrome and Firefox.

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