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RGB - game with sources


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WHAT A GREAT GAME! Maybe the most beautiful of them all. Graphics are up to the highest Nintendo NES-standards IMHO. Around seven colors per sprite!? I still don't get how you did that. Music and gameplay is also great. What I'm missing is an attract mode (just for watching the beauty of this game when I'm lying in bed) and maybe an integrated screen with the instructions.

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Around seven colors per sprite!? I still don't get how you did that.

Yeah.. I don't know it neither because the sprites has 3 colours plus background :)


Marek, don't you think that with RGB awesome engine Impossible Mission could be programmed?

I had to look at youtube to see Impossible Mission. It does not look too complicated but I don't know if it fits to RGB engine. I think that better is to program "engine" for Impossible Mission. Btw. RGB engine is rather simple. It's just 5-color char mode with changing 2 colors per charline (black, gray and white is base for whole level screen). And it's just colored with PMGs for robot "heads", calibration "eye" and bonuses.

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 ZeroPage Homebrew is playing RGB on tomorrow's (Fri Aug 13, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT+1Day!



  • Peril (2019 WIP | 8-Bit) by Vladimir Zuñiga @vhzc
  • RGB (2015 | 8-Bit) by Marek Pavlík @MaPa (Code and game concept), Zdeněk Eisenhammer @pseudografx (Ingame visuals, level design, music, sound effects and documentation), Adam Powroźnik (Ooz) (additional graphics and fonts)
  • Bosconian (2020 | 8-Bit) by Janusz Chablowski @shanti77 (Code, Graphics), Krzysztof Ziembik (kaz) (Title Screen Graphics), Michal Szpilowski @miker (Music)




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There's no scanline artifacts as you'd expect, maybe it's an Altirra capture (you can mess with settings and get way off colours easily enough).  Plus you generally don't get the bus noise at the far right (though it's years since I've done an analog capture from real Atari)

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4 hours ago, pseudografx said:

The colors in RGB seem to be completely off, perhaps your video capture device has some issue? Either that or the pot in the machine itself has been rotated. The game adjusts for PAL/NTSC automatically so that is not the issue.

Thanks for pointing that out! I'll open up my XEGS and fiddle with the pots to see if I can adjust the picture.


I just took the screenshot below from Altirra (left) and a capture of the stream (right) from last night and WOW is my system way out of whack! It's not even close, blue looks like green and green looks like yellow. Red is... at least in the ball park. No wonder we were having so much trouble with the colour playing the game.


My console is a composite NTSC XEGS upscaled through a Framemeister (soon to be RetroTINK 5X-Pro) and I've never touched the internals on the XEGS since I bought it, but it's definitely time. I'll eventually be putting in a Sophia 2 when they're available again, but until then I'll make do with composite out.


- James


image.thumb.png.0ebd4dcff8408d9e5a6f4347880dada3.png image.thumb.png.7df7dfdd9e0cffcbd7f87410e636497b.png


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Which blue is being used for the G?  It looks like colour 7 or 8 to me.  The captured G looks like colour 10 which is one of those annoying ones where it's bluish green on PAL and greenish blue on NTSC.  But yeah, it looks like the overall signal has phase drift on the colour signal.


OK... I took opportunity to play it for the first time in years last night.  Forgot about how to get the grey ones but still made it to Level 4.

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