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Bagman for colecovison


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For my 3rd project on Colecovision, i decided to code Bagman.

The project is not yet completed, I need to manage Cops and pickaxe.

Everything else is now ok .

One of my favorite arcade games. I can't wait to see this get a cart release! Thanks for coding this one!

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What are the first two games you completed? I'm sure I could guess one, but not the other... . Are they available?


The first one is MazezaM and the second one is Uwol Quest for money.

I only need to add sound for both and that will be ok.


Regarding bagman, the speed will change if you carry a bag, you will be slower (and much slower with a blue bag).

Of course, this 32K version , as you can hear with the youtube video, also has the digitilized sounds from arcade, thanks to Daniel Bienvu tools for wav converison :)

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Yep, the menu screen will give you the choice.

Regarding digitized sound, i don't think we have english speech. Only french is available.

As far as I know , there's no English speech in Bagman


I tried EVERYTHING on my dedicated Bagman machine and there's clearly no English speech at all (hence why alot of English speaking people are wondering what Bagman is saying during the game)


When you set up the DIP to English , French speech are activated anyway ( from a dedicated Bagman Arcade machine)




BTW: My Bagman came from US and it's a Stern manufactured machine, not a Valadron machine from France , wich prove no english speech were ever made for that game

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