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New TI-99/4A Tunnels of Doom(TOD) game and Game Editor


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Hey All,

Here's a TOD game I have been working on called Auto-Motion...Have fun! :-D

EDIT: I made a few adjustments and re-uploaded to ver 1.1




Release of Windows TOD Editor 1.4.6


Just a quick release to repair the 'TI-Files header' save issue

Added routine to add or remove the header if needed.

'Save As' now saves the current file and reopens the new one,

also added 'Save Copy As' to only to save a copy but not open it.



Many new options are available to alter, you can now have up to 8 different quest images

as opposed to 2, you can change the player start money, weapons, items, food cost etc.

set min and max available floors, you can change the level colors and door/wall textures.

It has a database of over 300 monster images to choose from with just one click.

From the Monster Data screen you can scroll through the entire list of all 56 monsters, see

their images and listen to their sounds, and a List button to see and print monster data

on one list. You can edit all weapons, armor, magic items(scrolls, wands, etc) with ease.

You can also now have up to 4 different scroll images, or 2 large ones. Plus a lot more.


It has been tested on WinXP, Vista, Win7 both 32 and 64 bit & Win8 64bit

(On Vista/Win7/Win8 with UAC on, you MUST run the program with 'Run as Administrator' so it

will save files correctly) You will get an error '75' when you try to save, if you don't.


I will answer all questions and comments here on this post. And post updates here.



AUTOMOTION v 1.1.zip

TOD Editor v1.4.6.zip

Edited by Fritz442
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I made one way back in the day manually--and by that I mean without a TOD editor. I worked with one of my friends to suss out the meaning of each data bit in a TOD game file and then modified it to verify what the changes would do--the Pixie of Death was my first modified opponent. Really bad news if you ran into it. . .I think I lost all of my notes on the internals of the TOD schema when my apartment flooded while I was in Turkey. . .which definitely sucked and was a major impetus to get me to start scanning all of my documentation.

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Yeah, I saw the kit & converter for Reboot, but I didn't find a good list of what byte does what. Emailed the author a little while ago to see if he had one somewhere. Fritz442's got an editor? Hmmm, that sounds promising, think I'll have a look! Thanks! :-)

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This editor looks great! And on the PC. Alot easier! And it runs on my Windows 8 x64 too. You have to 'Run As Administrator' just like Windows Vista and Windows 7 thanks to the UAC. But so far I like it. I just may have to do some more TOD games to continue on the ones I did with the original TOD Editor.

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Fritz442: (If I may be so bold, might I toss out there an idea for a future version? Being able to do some basic edits to the current save game could be pretty interesting. Nothing crazy like map changes or anything, just simple things like current weapons & items, hitpoints, etc, maybe? Anyway, just a thought. ;-) )


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I just tried a quick 1 level game of Automotion. That was fun! Something felt good about giving those particular bad guys a beating.


I'll have to check out the editor. I know when I was a kid I played around with the Asgard editor, and I vaguely remember I got particularly involved/stuck/obsessed with it trying to perfect the player character graphics. Does your editor allow that? I didn't see that sort of change in Automotion.


Regardless, I wanted to say thanks!

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