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NTSC 2600 commons and manuals for sale


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I will be listing (in a separate thread), a sales post for a ton of 2600 homebrews and a few high value original games in due course. First, want to see if I can sell these on.


Looking to sell all of these together. Because they are NTSC, I'm not going to ask for much because the likely party will be in the US (and I live in the UK), and thus shipping may cost a bit. So I'm only asking 15 GBP for these, plus whatever shipping costs on top. Games marked with (*) come with manual.


Backgammon (Text label)
Basketball (Text label)
Boxing (*)
Breakout (Text label)
Chopper Command
Decathlon (*)
Donkey Kong (*)
Donkey Kong Junior
Golf (Text label)
Home Run (Text label) (*)
Haunted House (*)
Ice Hockey (*)
Laser Blast
Mouse Trap
Night Driver
Omega Race
Q*Bert (1987 red label)
Roc 'N Rope
Star Raiders (*)

Super Challenge Baseball
Super Challenge Football (*)
Titlematch Pro Wrestling
Towering Inferno
Tron Deadly Discs
Video Olympics (Text label)
Warlords (*)

Worm War I x2 (*)
Yars' Revenge

Also extras manuals for these games: Combat, Football (Telegames), Othello, Pac-Man, Real Sports Baseball, Real Sports Football, River Raid, Starmaster, Video Olympics.

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