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Astro Fighter


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Hey Guys:


Here's Astro Fighter for your enjoyment. :)


Pictures courtesy of Trebor. :) (Thanks, man!)


















...a bit of a warning: 'Hard' mode is downright evil. :evil:


Enjoy guys!



EDIT - hmmm... why didn't the pictures show up?



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Astro Fighter was always one of those visceral favorites of mine- meaning when you even look at the game, those familiar smells, and yes, tastes of that bygone era come flooding into my head again.
It was 1980. We had a little Mom and Pop Deli up the road from our house. I rode my bike there every chance I got. If my Mom needed ANYTHING from the store, I was on it! The reason- they had a 5 piece arcade in the back! They had this game- I could play for hours! We always needed bread at home- Mom would give me $2.00 for a loaf of bread that cost .60! So, I could get a Twix bar, (or a Whatchamacallit, before they put caramel in them, by the way!) a Nehi Grape, and enough for a game or two! So, every time I play this game, it just takes me back.
This game is STUNNING on the 7800! I looks and plays like the arcade version! And I should know-
Not only would I highly recommend this game, but I'd like to post a review over on my site, if it's ok.
Thank you for the great memories this morning!!!!!

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I always feel bad for games like this.

If I did play it back in the day it wasn't often because it was difficult, and got outshined by Galaxian and Pac-Man.

It would have been perfect for home consoles back in the day, as it perfect for buying today for your classic 7800 system!


If we found a great home console game with great game play in the early 80's it was luck, because companies wanted to sell us their licenced big name acquisitions without much regard to the game's look or how it played..

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Love to see home brew like this. I'm gonna go try the rom now and I'd be interested in buying this abit later. I have an Atari 7800 AV moded system on the way, so money is abit tight right now but I will buy this game if it does make it to cart. Thanks for making the 7800 shine PacmanPlus :)

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Welcome back Pac-ManPlus!! I am so glad, you pay attention to "B" list titles, such as "Astro Fighter", "Astro Blaster" and "Rip Off"(to name a few). Almost forgotten, arcade games, such as these, seem a natural fit for the 7800. If this comes out in cart form - I'm on it!

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Wow this looks fantastic.


Bob are you aware that there is a way to get a ton of points when shooting the boss? I did it once - I think I got 10,000 points. But I can't say for sure how I did it. I think it had something to do with shooting a precise number of bullets.



"A very large bonus of 10,000 is given for getting through 4 waves and refueling by using exactly 2 shots more than the minimum needed. "

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I think the reset is a controller config issue. I noticed the same thing playing the rom in the ProSystem emulator on my RPi2. Turns out for some reason that the button I normally use as button two in all my 7800 games was resetting this one, until I investigated and found my controller configuration had gotten overwritten in an update to my RetroPi installation. After I recreated my config the problem went away.



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"A very large bonus of 10,000 is given for getting through 4 waves and refueling by using exactly 2 shots more than the minimum needed. "


Yep, but the one I read goes on to say that the 55th shot is the one that is worth 10,000 points. But there are 50 enemies. 50 + 2 != 55 :) I tested it on the arcade, and it actually is 55. So that's what I did.


Thank you all :)


Interesting about the timing bug. :( That explains why it doesn't do it on the real thing or on the version of MESS I'm using.




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Thank you so much for all of the compliments, guys. They are very appreciated. :) :love:


BTW, anyone paying attention to the 'High Score Cart Values' thread in the Programming Sub-Form would have known about this since 7/4 ;)



I don't watch any of the programming forums so starting this thread was a good thing

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Played this game at the Classic Game Fest. Another incredible port from Bob! Simply outstanding. And addicting.


100% agree with you. I too played this at the Game Fest and could not get over the look and feel of this game. Really...really just like playing the arcade cabinet.

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