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F/S: Console Madness! Jaguar, FZ-1, and Custom INTV/CV!


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Hello my fellow game addicts, and thanks for checking my post!


Its about that time to start selling off some goodies to make space for future expansion.... and I would prefer these go to a good home, so i'm not too fond of just putting them up on flea-bay. Id rather see them go somewhere they will actually be enjoyed by true enthusiasts!


Please let me know if you have any questions.


1) Atari Jaguar Console w/ rear AV hook-ups (SOLD!!!!)

Yes, I know that the Jag has an AV cable available.... but why spend between $20 and $30 when you can have it with composite output all ready to go? (you can still use the cable if you want, the connector in the back is unaffected). This package comes with OEM controller, OEM power supply, and Ill throw in the "Cannon Fodder" game as well. This console is in pretty good shape (some surface scratches and whatnot, basically from standard usage) and fully functional. Now, for the downside... it has this sort of "hissing" noise that I cannot seem to find the cause of. After doing some research I found out that the earlier versions of the Jag can sometimes have this issue. It doesn't seem to affect function in any way, it's just a little annoying.


2) Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 -- (Make Offer + actual shipping cost)

I honestly don't know why I still have this, since I only have one game for it, so I think its time to see it go. I don't know too much about the 3DO, but I know this one works (burned games and imports work fine). Comes with controller and the "Shockwave" game. The only downside to this is that the front door of the tray is missing?!? Not sure why, but it seems to just be a cosmetic thing and doesn't affect function. If I happen to find it somewhere, I will send it to you at my expense. Other than that, the thing seems to be built like a tank (and about as heavy as one). Make an offer for a piece of gaming evolution!


3) Intellivision (Original Version) converted to a Flashback system -- (Make offer + actual shipping cost)

This came from my "just for fun" collection. I had a INTV shell lying around and figured I could throw a Flashback into it to give it more of an "authentic" look and feel. The controllers are the ones that came with the flashback, but I took the spiral cable from the OEM controllers and connected them to the Flashback controllers. This thing looks just like an official INTV, with the exception of the red power LED I added to the front (its not lit in the pictures, but it lights up red when the power is on). As an extra little touch of "authenticity" I also took an empty game shell, put the "flashback" logo on it and mounted it to the game port (see picture). The power switch and reset buttons actually work, and the power adapter port looks as if it was meant to be there. I am quite proud of this, but I am sure this kinda conversion has been done many times before. Comes with power adapter and overlays that come standard with the FB. This is the "Dollar General" version, so it has the extra MLB game.


4) Colecovision Flashback "Laptop" -- (Make Offer + actual shipping cost) (SOLD!!!!)

Another item for the "just for fun" collection. I took a CV Flashback and added a portable DVD player screen to the top. The screen is a bit bigger than the console, but I still think it came out nice. The sound does actually come out of the speakers on the screen, so this is basically a portable CVFB. The power connection is a little ghetto looking, since I needed two separate power supplies to run the system and the screen. It also has the Flashback "dress-up" kit from Phil "pboland" (minus the controller stickers) and I really think it makes a big improvement. The green LED you can see on the front is to indicate there is power for the screen. Includes 2 controllers, power adapter, and the overlays that come standard with the FB. This is also the "Dollar General" version, so It has Antarctic Adventure included!










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that CV is cool looking, if only I was more talented I'd do that to my CV FB :P

Trust me, I wasn't born with "talent"... I have made many mistakes and have destroyed many consoles along the way.... I know its cliché, but the saying is true: "if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!"

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