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Its official!

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Seven entries announced so far. Looking at the screenshots (and ROMs available), six of them are well under way. So... that means that the contest now meets the minimum number of entries (as set out in the rules) :D. The current list of entries so far is :-



Alligator Swamp




Space Versus



I'm looking forward to seeing what other games are entered too.

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I'd recommend anybody that is developing a game for the contest to submit what they've done by the December 31st deadline. Its possible to get a good idea about a game from just a few levels. If there are fewer than 6 valid entries received by the closing date the contest will be declared a "no contest".

Even with 6 entries, I'd be very surprised if the winner went "straight to cart" without some tinkering after the contest ended e.g. adding game data save to flash memory, HSC league table, cut scenes, extra polishing and so on.

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From :-




"Each entry into the contest must consist of the following items to be valid :-


Game image in *.rom or *.bin+*.cfg.

Brief instructions on how to play the game.

IntyBASIC source code (and any data files).

Instructions on how to build the IntyBASIC source code (this must also include IntyBASIC compiler version number)."

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