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Xevious on Jaguar

Rick Dangerous

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From Alberts update today:


"One upcoming homebrew to check out is Xevious, an original, authentic port of the popular arcade game distributed by Atari. This port has been written from scratch by AtariAge user Shamus, and will be available in cartridge form once complete."


That's the first i've heard of it! Very cool, hope there is a 2 player option.


Can't wait, has anyone heard anything further or know of a pre-order list?

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Me: "hey look, Xevious is coming to the Jaguar"!


My GF: ...just looks at me funny.


Me: "You know, that game we play on the 7800 and arcade downstairs".


My GF: "So, I feel we don't need it for the Jaguar too"...


Me: :ponder: "We'll see about that". :evil:

Its prolly going to look and play great on the Jaguar tho, I'm sure it'll be at least as nice as the original arcade version, maybe even have some 64-bit enhancements.

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I wonder how the screen aspect ratio will be dealt with? Maybe a border with powerup/score information a la Raiden? I know some people would be enthused if it displays at a 90 degree tilt requiring the TV to be rotated to simulate the arcade experience, but the casual player in me would prefer the Raiden method :)

Aspect ratio is the same as the arcade, with borders on the left and right sides. Here are some photos I took from the Classic Game Fest a few months ago:









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