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Carrot Kingdom™ - Work in Progress 32K! - New Demo 10-16-2017


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* In your initial video, at the 46 second mark, the player falls. Can they go to the right?

* At 50 seconds, can they go left?

* At 55 seconds, can they fall down the fire hole?


No worries John. :)


1. I intend them to be able to go right, but currently they can't until I get more room from bankswitching for that level section.

2. No, but only because the game scrolls only right like the original Super Mario Bros.

3. They can but they'd just die. :D

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Thanks guys. :)


I actually just got the first two banks working and filled last night. :D


Title Screen Bank 1 - Working

Side Scrolling Level Bank 2 - Working

Boss Battle Bank 3 - Next up. :)


After the banks are all up it just needs some tweaking. :D Then it's DEMO TIME!

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Just curious-- how lengthy of a game do you envision this will become?




Good question as lengthy as I can make it I'm hoping. I'm nearly finished ironing out the few remaining issues with the engines, so I'll hammer out the final deisgn soon.


I have 3-4 Boss Battles Planned and a whole 4K Bank Dedicated to Level Data, so a pretty good length I think.


I also want to work in a few different styled levels or mini a mini-game to help round things out.

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I just stumbled onto this and it looks great! Really love the giant cat boss! I have one question though; why carrots?


Thanks so much! Glad you like it! :D


Why Carrots? Carrots are cute! :3 There will be other vegetable enemies too, but Carrots the primary. ^^

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Oh sure thing! :D I'd be happy to be friended by you! :D


Oh really cool! I can't wait to see what you make, once you really get going. I had the hardest time with Asymmetrical Playfields about 6 months ago haha, but once I got my head around all the timing stuff it was great. I coded up the asymmetrical scroller that you see in Carrot Kingdom™ about a week or so later, so I'm sure you'll get rolling nice quickly.

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