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Petition for Piggy Bank

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Is that the final price? WOW! Just imagine if it had a box...







That will buy a Guitar for Strumming for Vets, I still don't think it will go at that price...it ain't over yet...buyer can back out.

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I will start a list. There will be a story window when the Game is reviewed in Print in the UK. I held a few back to readers might be able to get a copy. My goal was not to withhold Piggy from anyone...nor have 50 copy's in my office. :-)


We are planing two more games...and a spring release as well. We are figuring something out for Portland 2016 too. So stay tuned.


As to a ROM. A ROM is planned in some forum but the ROM release may have a few "Extras"!


Thank to all for you interest in Piggy Bank. We are having fun at our international headquarters inside an old NIKE Missile Site in Pacifica, California.


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Unofficial Piggy Bank© Overlay & Manual


If you've played this game, you've seen that it's cool enough to have gotten its own box, overlays, and manual. To that end, here are the "missing pieces" for Piggy Bank! They're completely unofficial, but you can print your own copies for personal use and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. the1hatman created the overlay, and you'll see it in the manual I put together. The images below are JPGs, and the attachment is a PDF that you can print back-to-back and fold into a simple manual. Have fun :)



Piggy Bank Manual for print.pdf

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