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Petition for Piggy Bank

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Last of the boards have been ordered. Our Review in Retro Gamer comes out Jan 15th! There will be a total of 30 +/- of N available. I'm asking please no buying a copy if you already have. I will try to glean from this thread backwards who has not gotten a copy. Sales should start late next week or the week after.

I hope I can get a copy. I think there are far more than 30 people on here that will want a copy.

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do you want me to start a new petition for the hoarders? :spidey:


Right now the only Copy I have is on my Cuttle Cart. I'll be labeling today...bagging tomorrow until I run out of Bacon Dum Dums.

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I'm probably too late but I'd like a copy too! I'd also pay for a rom if you're out of carts.


With its incredibly limited run, a ROM should have been out there already. It's sad more people can't play this great game.

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Everybody in this thread who wanted to buy Piggy should have received a copy of Piggy or a recent message from me.


When I hear from those messaged I'll know where we stand with more copies.

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Too bad I didn't get the last batch out in time for voting, I'm just not that bright! I'm happy you like the game. We have several new games on the horizon.

Man, I love Piggy Bank it's the best intellivision game ever!!! :)

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