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Wilmunder's Star Raiders II released


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Released for the first time today — a holiday present from Aric Wilmunder: the unreleased, almost-finished sequel to Star Raiders for the Atari 8-bits. He created and developed it while working in the R&D lab of Atari coin-op.


(This is not the Last Straighter rebranded game. Aric told me, “When The Last Starfighter didn’t do well in the theaters and marketing re-branded the Atari 800 Last Starfighter game as Star Raiders II, they didn’t take into account that there was already an actual sequel to Star Raiders that was just a few months away from completion. I was the designer and solo engineer who worked for about a year on the project as a member of an R&D team inside Atari Coin-Op.")


My interview with Aric is published on the ANTIC podcast today. Our discussion of Star Raiders II starts at about the 30 minute mark. http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-104-aric-wilmunder-star-raiders-ii-temple-of-apshai


Here's video of it in action, and the ATR file and documentation is attached.



The files are attached, and also at https://archive.org/details/StarRaidersII_Wilmunder



Star Raiders II Controls.pdf

The Authoritative Star Raiders II v0.3.pdf



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Wow! Kevin, you are a miracle! Great find! That is Christmas 2 weeks in advance.


In the 80's I heard rumors from Prof. Atari, "the invincible brain", that there is a version out there with not just front and aft view, but with board, starboard, top, down view!


If Aric may give us the source code, we can mix it with the recently published Star Raiders I source code?

Maybe multiplayer with one Atari as server? Via Internet? Via BT? Just guessing.


Further, there is a great successor as an app for iOS: Star Rangers




If just Tom Hudson and Lee Papas could find a way to give it away? 30% for Apple, 10% for the person, who makes it iOS 8 and 9 ready and 60% for them. Would give $20 for a reselling of it.


Great times we live in. Kevin, again, you made our year! Just speaking for whole Europe. ;-)


Thank you.

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So great, when dreams come true and we are all part of it.


Well, a Novice mission I could complete. But fighting on the planet surface is new and hard. It will take some time to finish a commander mission. But winter is still coming. :-)))

I managed to complete novice mission and get Lieutenant Class 2. I could certainly do better, since I took me forever to figure out the planet sequence, and I was doing some flying around and exploring, so certainly wasted lots of energy.

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Not yet - bunch of us are hoping to see it though. Even those of us (like me) who won't understand a line of it or be able to update it.


Well, it would be real swell if he let it out for us. I don't think there's much risk of losing any commercial potential these days, but the nostalgic value to the few of us who remember would be great.

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