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FS: Mattel Aquarius stuff. Aquaricart, boxed games, mini-expander


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I've got a few extras to sell for the Mattel Aquarius. Prices do not include shipping. I will pack items in larger boxes to prevent damage. Most of the game boxes are in "just ok" condition, with lots of wear and folds. I tried to price stuff below ebay "sold" prices. Offers are accepted.


  • Mini Expander with 2 controllers. Tested. Everything works. There is some discoloration on the case. $30 SOLD
  • Aquaricart with shell and manual - Multicart that contains every released piece of software for Aquarius. Tested and works. $50 SOLD
  • Biorhythms - game and box only. Game is tested. Box is rough with one flap torn off. $5
  • Utopia - CIB. Tested and works. Box is rough. Manual is rough. $15
  • Tron Deadly Disks - Comes with everything EXCEPT the manual. Tested and works. $15 SOLD
  • Astrosmash - Game, box, keyboard overlays, and one controller overlay. Tested. $15
  • Snafu - Game, box, keyboard overlays, and one controller overlay. Tested. $15


Also want to sell, but not quite ready...you are welcome to make offers on these:

  • A broken Aquarius. Shows garbage characters upon power up. Have not diagnosed exact issue yet.
  • Aquarius tape drive - In nice condition, but I have not yet had time to test it. SOLD






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Hello guys,

recently i've received a Mattel Aquarius and now i would like to find some accessories..


like mini Expander.. 32kb ram and Aquacart cartridge...


Anyone can help me to find these items please?


Thank you in advance



As for 32KB RAM and Aquaricart ask the creator here on the forum http://atariage.com/forums/user/3819-jaybird3rd/

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