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2016 March of Dimes Arcade/Pinball prize raffle


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Jamma Nation X has donated a bunch of adapter boards

4 JNX Atlas DLX adapters
This is a Pandoras Box/Blue Elf to JAMMA Adapter w/built in Voltmeter. Converts the pinout of the Pandora Box/Blue Elf to a JAMMA pinout with on board support for either a CPS2 or CPS1 kick harness. Works on these multigame boards:
Pandora's Box 1-4, Blue Elf, Game Elf, Game King, King Kong, King of Air, Redbox, Tornado, Transformers, Also any multi game board that uses the same pinout.
***This is for the deluxe version that will include both the CPS1 and CPS2 kick harness connectors to plug into***

1 CPS1 and CPS2 to Namco kick adapter
This is a JNX CPS1/CPS2 Kick Harness adapter for use on the Namco system 11 and 12 pcbs. Uses a genuine JST header just like on the CPS1 hardware for the perfect fit. And a genuine Hirose connector for the CPS2. Works on the following fighting games: Ehrgeiz,
Fighting Layer, Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, Soul Edge VII, Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag.


1 CPS1 to CPS2 kick adapter
This is a JNX CPS1 to CPS2 Kick Harness adapter. It lets you use your existing CPS1 kick harness on Capcom's CPS2 or CPS3 arcade hardware. Uses a genuine JST header just like on the CPS1 hardware for the perfect fit.


1 CPS2 to CPS1 Kick Adapter
This is a JNX CPS2/3 to CPS1/F3 Kick Harness adapter. It lets you use your existing CPS2 kick harness on either a CPS1 or Taito F3 PCB. On CPS1 it connects to connector CNI02 and on Taito F3 it connects to connector AA


For more Neo Geo, MVS, Jamma goodness visit:


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Vector Volcano Classic Arcade has pitched in two $25.00 gift certificates for the raffle.
Vector Volcano Classic Arcade is a dedicated arcade with the best classic video arcade and pinball games of the 80's and 90's. The arcade is family friendly with the spirit of the 70's and early 80's arcade environment. They serve local craft beer and are open to minors at all times during normal business hours.


Vector Volcano is located in downtown Bend, OR and is open for business 5 days a week. Check out more info at http://www.vectorvolcanoarcade.com/

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More Prizes! ! !

Two 96 in 1 Multi Pac kits are now part of the prize pool thanks to kit creator Mike Doyle!
There is a long list of titles in the "96 in 1" Multi Pac library, over 70 individual games and several times that number of variations. Fully Assembled, Plug and Play simple installation with NO soldering or wiring needed. New Ribbon Cable Included!


Order yours today http://revengeofthenerdsv.blogspot.com/2016/01/96-in-1-multi-pacs-are-back.html?updated-min=2016-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2017-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=2&view=classic

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These charities are always a hot issue because of the causes they attach to themselves. It is a good cause and touches near to me, my niece was born 7 weeks early and even now (she is still dealing with learning issues and is way behind for her age. I won't donate to this type of charity though, as i don't believe enough percentage of the donations is going to where it should. When the ceo of the company makes over $500k a year i don't feel that's a humble amount for a nonprofit organization to adhere to. I donate to charities like AAH (action against hunger) where it directly helps our own country and the ceo makes a much smaller $181k a year. I understand being a ceo and driving a successful company deserves a salary, but half a million dollars is excessive and greedy imo.


Take it for what you will but just because its a good cause doesn't mean the charity championing it is good for the cause.


Edit: Apologies for the typos.

Edited by cjameslv
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Neon Retro Arcade has donated two $50.00 gift certificates to the raffle!
Neon Retro Arcade proudly features 50+ classic arcade games and pinball machines which we've restored to their original glory. We're talking Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong...all the greats! Neon also has comfortable video game stations where you can challenge your friends to some of the latest next gen games. Leave your quarters at home, because all games at Neon are set to "free play." Admission costs $10 per hour of play, and then you can enjoy all the video games, pinball machines, and consoles that you want during your time. Come visit Neon to take a totally awesome journey back to the 80s and 90s*, share the games of your youth with your kids, or reconnect with old buddies through some friendly competition.


Visit http://neonretroarcade.com/ for location hours and to see their complete lineup of games.

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Escape Pod has donated the winner's choice of a custom canvas wall art print, or a reproduction game marquee.
Escape Pod is a graphics company that's been around since 1993 making high quality graphics at an affordable price. They only print on 3M vinyl, and laminate their prints with 3M Over Laminate. It's the best. Period. If you are not 100% Satisfied with your purchase, they will send you a complete refund.



Check out their webstore at https://escape-pod-online.myshopify.com/ to see more examples of their work and view their catalog of available art.

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New Prizes ! ! !

Two reproduction Williams Speaker Panel Grills are now in the raffle thanks to Steve Winslow.
These are custom bent, steel mesh speaker grills that are powder coated glossy black. The hole pattern is an identical match to the original Williams plastic grill and these fit perfectly on your original speaker panel. There are three different sizes of grills available:
1. Joust, Robotron, Stargate, Varkon.
2. Sinistar, Moon Patrol, Bubbles.
3. Defender.
Winner gets their choice of two.

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LaserCon has generously donated a Merlin board as a prize!
The Merlin 8000 Board is two enhancement boards in one. It is a laserdisc player replacement board which allows you to use a newer player, and it is a ROM replacement board providing 2 ways to play Dragons Lair, 2 ways to play Space Ace.
The Merlin-1000 MultiROM board holds the game software for both Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. Once installed in your game machine, you can easily play either game.
Merlin-Dx is for use with the new Dexter player. The winner will get their choice of firmware:
(MERLIN-1000, MERLIN-8000, or MERLIN-DX)

Visit http://wood1st.com/LaserCon/ to learn more about the amazing Merlin board and the different firmware options. You can also order you very own Merlin from the site or learn about some other cool Laser enhancement boards.

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Paradise Arcade Shop is donating a brand new Spy Hunter reproduction seat to the raffle!
The goal is 1 piece that on the surface looks almost if not identical to the original with modifications to increase the durability. These are being built out of High Density Polyethylene:the plastic has a slightly smoother feel even though it's textured, but these seats will never die, even under the largest arcade asses.


Visit Paradise Arcade Shop for a wide selection of custom controls, buttons, multi game boards, LEDs, microswitches, etc. Bryan & Susan will take care of you.

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Pinball Boy has contributed two Tilt Pennants.

This is the first release in the Pinball Pennants Series, and is an open-edition product. Each is made with high-quality, all natural wool & cotton stock.

+ Dimensions: 7" x 21"
+ Colors: Navy (Ink), Cream & Navy (Pennant)



Check out http://pinballboy.com/#hello for more pinball décor, accessories, and rule cards.

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Braze Technologies has added a few multi kits to the prize pool.


1 Asteroids Multi-game kit
1 Asteroids Deluxe Multi-game kit
The Asteroids Multigame and Asteroids Deluxe Multigame are add-on enhancement kits that extend your Atari Asteroids or Asteroids Deluxe game board to play all 3 games: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, and Lunar Lander. As with all Braze Technologies multigames, these kits are loaded with features such as high score save, on-screen settings configuration, and enhanced diagnostic self tests. Switch between games at anytime by simply pressing both start buttons at the same time.



1 winner's choice of either the Multipede, Space Invaders Multi, or Missile Command Multi kit

"MULTIPEDE" is an easy to install kit that extends your Atari Millipede board to play BOTH Centipede and Millipede on a single PCB set. Installs in just minutes.

"Space Invaders Multigame" is an easy to install kit that extends your Midway Space Invaders or Midway Space Invaders Deluxe boardset to play 8 games.
•Space Invaders
•Space Invaders Deluxe
•Jatre Specter
•Lunar Rescue
•Space Laser
•Balloon Bomber
•Galaxy Wars
•Super Earth Invasion
Plus many extras features such as Free Play, High Score Save, powerup Diagnostics, on-screen configuration Settings, and a interactive testmode.

The Missile Command Multigame is an easy to install kit that extends your Atari Missile Command board to play BOTH Missile Command and Super Missile Attack. Installation is a breeze and can be completed in just a few minutes without any special tools.No special wiring is required and no special switches are needed! Switch between games at any time by pressing and holding both start buttons at the same time. It includes on-screen settings menu and saves all high scores and names for both games. the kit also doubles as a "Rom Saver" by eliminating the need for the original roms. Say goodbye to those old flaky sockets and bad connections.

Visit http://www.brasington.org/arcade/ purchase your own multi-game and high score save kits!

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