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Sega Genesis to Atari 7800 controller adapter for sale


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For those who want to make their own Revenge adapter:




Please don't make to sell on eBay, etc. This is for non-commercial use only.





Revenge Adapter - Sega Genesis to Atari 7800 controller adapter (sold out)


Allows the very nice 3 and 6 button Sega Genesis controllers to work with the Atari 7800. Also works great with the Sega Genesis IR wireless controller (MK-1629) and Sega Genesis arcade stick.

Buttons B and C map to Atari 7800

example: in Commando B is fire and C is grenade

Also supports Atari 2600 (single fire button)

Select how long you want to cord to be, from 6 to ~70 inches

Default adapter length is 6.5 inches (batch 4)


$18 Revenge Adapter

$4 shipping with tracking in the US (for up to 4 adapters)


$22 total


Send a PM to order




Earlier this year we ran a fundraiser for Oscar. 100% of adapter sales for 12 adapters went to Oscar. Total raised: $218.88, sent to Oscar on 6/27/2016


Inspired by:


Someone asked me to compare the Revenge adapter to the Seagull 78.

So here it goes:

  • Revenge adapter cost is $18 Seagull 78 costs $24.99.
  • Revenge adapter has straight through design, Seagull 78 has right angle. I prefer straight through, as the console is usually in front of you vs. 90 degrees away.
  • Revenge adapter can be from 6 to 70 inches, same price. Default length is 6.5 inches. Seagull 78 cord is 28 inches. Since Sega Genesis controller has a long cord I prefer the 6.5 inch Revenge adapter in order to reduce cable clutter. I know some folks sit very far away from the console, and hence the 70 inch length works well for them.
  • Seagull 78 has a sticker on it. Revenge adapter has no sticker on it.
  • Revenge adapter's pcb shell is less bulky, 1.25 inches wide x .6 inches tall and 1.76 inches deep.

Tested with:
Sega brand 3 button Model 1650
Sega brand 6 button MK-1653
Sega brand 6 button with rapid fire MK-1470 (rapid fire works great too)
Sega brand 6 button wireless MK-1629.
Sega brand arcade stick

The adapter cable should work with 3rd party controllers, however I prefer to sell adapter cable for use only with Sega brand controllers as this is what has been tested.



Total Sold:



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Nice. So, these are custom made? Also, will these should work with the arcade stick, right?

Yes, custom made.


I made a small PCB that fits inside the connector on the left hand side (see pic above).


I tested it with the 3 and 6 button Sega brand controllers, so should work fine with Sega arcade stick as well.

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I'm running a Sale on the Sega Genesis to Atari 7800 controller adapter cables for a very good cause.
100% of adapter sales will go to Oscar for the next 12 adapter sales, see inventory details below.

Inspired by:

Total raised:



Funds sent to Oscar on 6/27/2016

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