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Games like Artillery Duel?

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Artillery Duel was one of my favorite games to play on the Colecovision. Have there been any games like it since then on consoles? Anything very much like it on the NES up to the PS2 and Xbox 360 generations, perhaps? Or on the Nintendo 3DS? If a game like it exists today, hopefully it does not require online to play it (I'm not going to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold or anything like that).

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There are about a billion versions of the worms games out there. I love the series and it's been around since the Amiga days, it's been on several consoles and computers since then and still going strong now. I'm pretty sure there are worms games on all the consoles you mentioned like the PS2, Xbox and DS. I actually have two on the DS myself, not sure if the 3DS game out with a version though but I wouldn't be surprised. Worms is a great artillery duel style game, probably the best IMO and they can be played solo

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