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Cutting a Colecovision in half

Master Phruby

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Also, don't forget the superb work by doubledown, i.e. second picture here and also this : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216756-pac-man-controllers/?p=2830979

I agree he did an great job on his hacks/mods, but I wouldn't have really considered that here as he uses a completely different case and input structure. :)

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Interesting mod shown above but that would be +1 to much for me as "size matters" as ValkerieSilk mentioned.

It destroys the typical look of the original console IMHO.

One other thing to mention is that you could not do this to an unmodded European ColecoVision as the RF modulator components are installed on the left hand side right in front of the controller storage.

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There have been a number of people over the years that have cut the CV case in half to eliminate the controller wells (and shared pics in these forums), but the end result never looked good. I would say going with a new hobby case like DoubleDown did would be a better option.

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The default in 1982 was Go Big


Still was the default in late 80s. When NEC redesigned their PC Engine for USA release, they made it more than twice as wide as it needed to be. PC Engine was tiny and still remains to this day the smallest non-portable launch day console. Yet TG-16 was redesigned to be much bigger so there is a lot of wasted PCB space. I'm sure NEC would have saved maybe $10 per console if they kept the PCB same size and just made it into mostly empty shell same size as TG16.

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