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SPIDER-MAN new release


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How much? It works on NTSC systems?

The first edition released a few years ago has sold out and never appears on eBay aside from the copy happiestsellerever! has posted for over $1000 dollars. I would buy one from VPB if are thinking about. He also has a bunch of other less expensive games available for sale so you could combine shipping. That's what I do. VPB is a great guy to work with.

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Final US order list: ( this will not be the cartridge number you receive - its only a total sheet for me to keep track of) - CLOSED as of 6/20/16

1. ScottyDont00 - paid
2. Thanatos - paid
3. eebuckeye - paid
4. rhcocker - paid
5. atarinut76 - paid
6. Atari_Bill - paid
7. mianrtcv - paid
8. toymailman - paid
9. Smitty - paid
10. Bill Loguidice - paid
11. Rpgcollector - paid
12. Zodiacprime - paid
13. ArcadeJunkie - paid

14. ArcadeJunkie (2) - paid
15. cvga - paid
16. Sweersa (VP forum) - paid
17. kyljoy - paid
18. kyljoy (2) - paid

18 total copies reserved for this shipment - $36 dollars for shipment to me = $2 shipping charge per copy ordered for the initial shipment to my house from VPB in Belgium. Nice job guys! Shipping should stay right around $5 total for everyone that ordered 1 copy.

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