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Notable games FOR SALE! updated and ADDED! *LE N64 CONSOLE*

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ALL games are COMPLETE and tested (unless posted), mostly all vg. Prices are SHIPPED in U.S. w/ tracking! ;)
First come first serve, topic posted on 2 other sites (just an fyi).


Zelda: Twilight Princess $45
Mario Party 4 C/B $28
Killer 7 $34




Advance Wars (cart) $20

Summon Night Swordcraft Story CIB VG $58




Ice Hockey (Factory sealed w/ hang tab) $80


R.A.D. Robot Alchemic Drive $48


Tomba! 2 $70
Brave Fencer Musashi $48




Castlevania: Bloodlines (cart, manual and custom case) $70


Dokapon Kingdom $100


Sega CD:


Time Gal (Saturn case, disc and manual,VG) $60


Sega Dreamcast:


Gundam Side Story 0079:Rise from the ashes $45

Confidential Mission Factory Sealed $40

Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage $18




Nights into Dreams (big box w/ 3d controller) $80 traded




LE NTSC Toys R Us Gold N64 Console w/ matching controller and unremoved expansion pak

*comes also w/ matching gold LE Zelda OOT cart w/ manual ($225)


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