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You are right! Just wrote it before my first coffee, big mistake of mine, just was happy to see and overwhelmed.


Later enhanced by CBS Software and re-released with Adding Fractions as Success with Math - Fractions - Addition and Subtraction.


Therefore: Decimals - Addition and Subtraction

and we have the complete series. :-))) if Multiplication and Division from #137 is up, too. ?

What a great starting of Sunday. :-)))

Success with Math - Fractions - Addition and Subtraction.atr

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To fill in some gaps... here are all/most of the type-in listing from Monitor (UKACOC). It was hard to know where to draw the line, as there are shorter listings in each "Cracking the Code" tutorial, which I didn't do. Perhaps another round up of those later... See the index.txt file in the zip for info about all the files, and also an annotated word document highlighting what I think I've added from the missing files document above. Sometimes a little hard to match things up.

PS - late typo - my index.txt was unsaved... it's missing one line at the end:-

Issue 21:
JOYTYPE.BAS - p44-45  - by John Pilge  - Joystick driven word processor...



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Missing info
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On 5/26/2020 at 3:37 PM, tabar said:

 How about professional software, inc. Fleet System 2 word processor/spell check. have disks, will not boot. waiting on a SIO2PC Universal Interface USB Interface w/ SIO JACK from AtariMax to make copy.


@tabar , did this get figured out?

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2 hours ago, www.atarimania.com said:

Actually, Fleet System 2 is mostly preserved, only an additional copy is needed so its status can be changed to "fully verified".


On the other hand, still no Magic Storybook - Three Little Pigs, which is a crying shame.

The C64 version is missing on A8SP, though enigma.huth does have dumps on his C64 preservation website.

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58 minutes ago, ClausB said:

Found this from an old eBay score. I don't have the means to dump them.

This one only requires a second copy to make it fully verified, @Atarigrub was successful in dumping it:



I believe I asked you already but you don't have any of the late PDI titles you worked on, do you (apart from the title screens)?


A more up-to-date list of missing software can be found here and I'll release another version in a week or so:



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13 minutes ago, ClausB said:

So they want a 2nd dump for verification?

Yes, always; to rule out any errors which might have sneaked into a single copy of a title. (Not only in the sense of gone-bad media but also regarding accidentally overwritten or deleted data.)

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