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16 minutes ago, OLD CS1 said:


No video, no proof.  I doubt it will be any different, but we should try my FG99 with the 1.Q firmware.  I also need to re-flash me spare one to see if that fixes its flakiness.

Is that official?  I didn’t see it on the Git repo. 

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14 hours ago, acadiel said:

Just FYI (and don't think anyone's tried this yet), but my FinalGROM at v1.3 (latest) does boot on a TI-99/4, but the keyscan routine keeps it from actually being used on the 99/4.  It just sits at the root directory.  I opened an issue on the FinalGROM git about it.


@OLD CS1 you can blame for this one.  He asked me if it worked on it since I'm setup right next to him.  :)


we tried it , if you attended the zoom call you'd know :P

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On 7/29/2023 at 11:34 PM, arcadeshopper said:

we tried it , if you attended the zoom call you'd know :P

Yep, too much going on getting ready for VCF-SE :) It was a blast this past weekend, BTW. 


Regardless, I opened an issue on Git.  So, I'll be really curious if he actually sees it... "Hm... five years, and this hexbus guy opens up an issue about a 99/4...."  🤣


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On 2/18/2024 at 7:56 AM, fabrizio said:

What do you think is the game or program to best test FinalGrom?

Best to test? probably a combined cart with ROM and GROM  an extended basic variant is probably the best test, the largest now being RXB2024 or XB GEM

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