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Jedi Gauntlet Demo


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What if Luke Skywalker had never visited Yoda in the Degobah system? What if ObiWan had never met Luke?


In "Jedi Gauntlet," you will see what would have happened. :) The Rebel Alliance, as its last resort, contacted Yoda at his home and asked him to 'come out of retirement' to help save the Rebellion and destroy the Empire.



This 3 level demo is your chance to play as Yoda, requirung only a console and cassette player, as this is a TI console BASIC game ... You must leave Degobah and fly with Han Solo to Hoth, the ice planet. In this demo, you must accomplish the following:



L1: Leave your underground home on Degobah and make your way to the X-Wing fighter.


L2: While on the way to Hoth, the Millenium Falcon encounters tough Empire resistance... Without Luke on the guns, the Falcon is dangerously crippled and Chewbacca is killed, leaving only Han Solo to pilot the ship and Yoda is responsible for repairs. In L2, you must repair the Falcon's hyperdrive by putting new phase inverters into the accelerator compensation chambers.


L3: Once the initial repair is complete, the Empire starts bearing down on the Falcon. You have very little time to complete the final repair. You must get to the engine core and replace the Warp Vortex stabilizer. You MUST get it into the correct compartment, or your ship will be immediately destroyed.





***For the purpose of the demo, I have made unlimited 're-do's' so you can never really die... Enjoy.




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ESDX for direction.


Your Force counter is at the bottom of the screen... DO NOT RUN OUT!!!


Space bar initializes the Force and allows you to pick up items AND drop them.



PLEASE... Post your final score on this page!!!



950 is the max score on this demo. Lets see who can get a perfect score!!!

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Sorry for being Pedantic, but it's spelt Dagobah.


Yes, as we can hear every now and then that people arrive somewhere else than expected because they misspelled the destination. ;)


I heard of a man intending to travel to Sydney and wondering about all that snow outside of the aircraft, until he learned that Sidney is not Sydney. Or other people telling the cab driver to bring them to their hotel in La Palma, when he started to laugh and say that they are in Palma de Mallorca right now, and La Palma is on the Canary Islands. And the group who wanted to spend their vacation in Capri, and ended up in Carpi, at least also in Italy.

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Been thinking about this one some lately... I have two new levels designed, just need to code them in.


Likely will be able to fit 7 to 8 levels in total. Should be able to get back on track soon...


My TIs are all shot, but I have another one on the way.


Funny... I have never even seen a busted TI... Last fall, all 3 of mine died. That was pretty demoralizing. :)

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Odd question, but I've been really wanting to finish this project and I have a problem.


My well-documented computer issues (which culminated in a complete HD crash and burn last year) have left me without my original Magellan files for this game. At one point, I was sending some stuff out from various eMail addresses to folks, and I can't remember if I ever mailed the .mag file for this game to anyone. If not, it's a complete loss and I'll have to start back over--Which can be done... it'll just take some hours to re-construct the data. Does anyone remember ever getting a Magellan file from me from this project?

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