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Pac_Man Eat n Run


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Quick observations on hardware (2600 Jr., Harmony Encore; 7800, Concerto):


DPC: Returns to title screen after start music (2600 & 7800)


Multisprite: Crashes after title music (2600), plays on 7800 with following exceptions:

  • Side tunnels do not work - can't enter them
  • After game over, what looks like a corrupt version of the title screen appears with 'PACMAN MAP' at the bottom and Pac-Man running around in a square pattern
  • If you die with 0 points, the score will wrap around to 99995; further deaths without scoring will keep decrementing the score by 5 points

I should point out that I'm running an experimental (non-public) firmware version on my Concerto, so my results with that cartridge may not match everyone else using a similar configuration.

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Batari Basic Team,


Attached are the updated DPC & Multisprite versions. There is now a Multisprite version plays in Javatari. Both Multi play in Javatari, but I removed the titlescreen. 


Let me know if you find issues etc. and feedback is always welcomed, thanks. 


; Instructions / What works for both (DPC & Multisprite)

; If you let the Titlescreen play all the way to the end without pressing the fire button you get a little Pac-Man history.
; Use the joystick to move around.
; Use Select Switch to Pause Game.
; Use BW / Color Switch to bring up and close Map.

; If you get hit by a Ghost you loose five points.

; You start with three lives and at 20, 30 and 50 points you can get an extra life.

; If you see the Fruit the timer starts at the bottom right and you only have some time to grab it before it disappears.  

; Fixed some bugs I found and that x=usr(1536) pointed out.


; Future Plans & Update(s):

; DPC - game over, ending screen and other stuff are not exactly what I wanted, but I ran out of space.

; Multisprite - game over, ending screen and other stuff are not exactly what I wanted, but I have more space and need to learn a little more.

; Trying to implement Karl G Cannons sprites at the bottom vice the block look for lives in the multisprite. Ran into a few issues so far. 

; Currently works on my Android with 2600.emu and Stella.

; I don't have any real hardware to test and fix the issues. May buy another 2600 after deployment to try and fix the issues.



20230831_Pacman_Eat_n_Run_DPC.bas.bin 20230831 - PacMan_Eat_N_Run_Multisprite.bas.bin 20230831 - PacMan_Eat_N_Run_Javatari.bas.bin

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I think I may have misunderstood part of the gameplay mechanics.  Eating a fruit starts the timer that counts down to when it disappears.  However, it also appears to close off the vertical tunnels and open the horizontal ones for the duration of the timer.  Once it hits zero, the fruit disappears and tunnels revert.  Is this how it should behave?  If so, my earlier comment that the side tunnels were broken is invalidated.


Concerto testing:

  • Build functionality is much improved over the previous one.
  • Only crash (black screen) was in the DPC version, right after the start music.
  • All three versions have the jumpy screen bug (known, but figured I'd confirm it for all three).

Harmony Encore testing:

  • Javatari version crashes right after the start music.
    • Displays the 'PACMAN MAP' screen with what looks like a corrupt Pac-Man in the centre box.
  • Multisprite has the same crash as Javatari.
  • DPC version displays same crash as when run in the Concerto.

Have to say, it's definitely shaping up.  Looking forward to the more complex mazes of the DPC version.

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For Javatari I was able to play the game as with Sella or 2600 emu on my android phone. Not sure why the exits don't work for you, but they seem to work for me. Could be because I'm using Batari Basic then the emulator and probably makes it all work. I will try it in a standalone file with Stella and other emulators.


Maybe I can figure out how to record game play with these emulators. Once I get back to the States I plan to get real hardware and hopefully get it to work on there. Plus I'm working on something else from my childhood in the 80s. 

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