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vecZ - vertical-shootemup - launch on 5. nov at gameZfestival.ch (23.30)


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# vecZ - vertical-shootemup - launch on 5. nov at gameZfestival.ch (23.30h)
at the end the vectors won. everything is now vector based in games (as an opengl or directx scene .-) therefore step back, step into the beginning 80ies with assembler and the vector console vectrex. and of course vecZ is a shootemup the most complicated (timing, a lot of action etc.) thing in those times.
# release/launch at gameZfestival


vecZ will be released online on 5th november 2016 at gameZfestival.ch in zurich/switzerland. enjoy the spirit of painted lines!
# roms
the game will be released online and later also at madtronix.com
# greetings
hudson for the usb-cartridge, matronix for his publishing, baudsurfer for his work and the designers of xenon2, gunroar, ikaruga, zynaps ... thanks for your code_style
# who finished it first?
i wonder who will send me the first "game won" photo on a emulator and of course on a real vectrex .-)
the latest infos you will find here: http://www.la1n.ch/vecz/
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Just got the game in the mailbox.


I like the gameplay, but it's way too short.

After about 3 minutes, you encounter the boss, kill him, and them it's already over?


Or am I missing something?

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