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New XB Game: Wizard's Doom


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I'm calling this one done and at version 1.0! Unless someone finds a major bug. :)


The spiritual sequel and final installment of the Wizard's series published by long-gone-but-not-forgotten Rainbow software, Wizard's Doom is a new 3D dungeon game written in TI Extended BASIC with assembly language assistance. Features include:


  • Three different character classes to play
  • Procedurally generated dungeons for infinite replay
  • Two dozen different monsters with varying characteristics and abilities
  • Six dozen different items to find including weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, rings, and much more
  • Save and load game feature
  • Full manual in PDF format



I also have a very limited print run of paper copies of the manual! If you want to acquire one, I will be happy to ship one to you at the cost of postage. (About $3 for U.S. domestic) Please private message me if interested! Only while supplies last!


Wizard's Doom 1.0.1: WizardsDoom.zip

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Hmm, one small bug fix... :) Now on version 1.01!


I was going to edit the original topic to replace the binary, but it appears we don't have edit permissions for the first post on this forum, unlike the development thread? That's disappointing...


Anyway, the fix is to properly randomize level creation. I kept noticing I was seeing the same dungeons over and over at the start of a game, even using RANDOMIZE. I wanted to mix it up a little by having user input time be used to generate a true random seed value.

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First irritation to finish adventure with all 3 characters gets the game in cartridge with printed label?


My challenge is that I gave up playing games recently to focus on making them. I can only play agent before bedtime web I'm brain dead for games like centipede.


However, I'm scheduling time this Friday for at least 2 hours of wizards doom.

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