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I got one of the new 32k shorty cards. Looks real good and I'm happy so far. On mine, I had to remove the door form the speech synthesizer for the card to stay in. The card just kept popping back out. Once the door was gone, no problem. Now if only you can keep TIPI's in stock, we'd be golden. :)

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Thank you. I may have mentioned it elsewhere, but those labels and inserts are laser-printed, the tapes are newly made from NOS medium with NOS cases, and shrink-wrapped.


I need to get Greg some better pictures; I have just had other things on the bench. Well, that and I only have the first batch of inkjet-printed ones on-hand :)

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So in messing with my 4a today I realized the kludged cables I had on my floppy drives were really too short on some ends too long on the other and some of the connectors I'd forced keys out of to make them work with my drives.etc.. soooo


pulled out one of these kits: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/dual-drive-kit-for-pbox/p/101647132/category=27901433


and wow perfect sized cable, right connectors, worked first try and that cool drive plate makes my drives nice and stable! also replaced the external drive's cable with one of the nice new longer cables with new connectors etc.. so much better

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Back in stock:

finalgrom99 boards (should be here in a few days)

sams 1mb bare board

peb firehose splitter/right angle turn

Cool! Always browsing to see what I "need". ;-)

Did the FG99 manufacturer ever get the no menu, TI-99/4A QI issue/compatibility resolved? Still have the one I bought from you a few months back collecting dust.

I haven't seen any updates. Thanks.

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