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new years disc 2017


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Seems like Honolulu entered 2017 now. Don't know which atoll might just be in 2016, so: Happy new year to the whole world!


I am working on the release and hope to have it ready at last in around 3 hours. Stay tuned ;)

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Hey!... and for me and Poison?



Sorry José this was only a quick hack for Nyd... Had only simple routine at 23:00h... Managed to add one of example music from RMT folder and write a simple static message :)

Had no time to add even a text with greetings or credits, sorry :(


Our project needs much more work than 50min ;)


Will release it when it's as good as you imagined it :)

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Time to release something ;)





New Years Disc 2017

Happy New Year!!! We (full crowd is listed below) are proud to present you
some stuff to enjoy watching, listening and playing just when the new year
is new born.

Disc 1 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
NYD 2017			(intro)		by PPs
Prosit 2017			(picture)	by Mario130XE
Neon 2017	 		(animation)	by Miker
Goodbye 2016			(picture)	by Snicklin
Carrie Fisher (NTSC & PAL)	(intro)		by Philsan & Jimpack
Snowman SID			(music)		by Wrathchild
Happy New Year 2017		(intro)		by Tigerduck
10 Liner Invitation		(invitro)	by Sascha Kriegel

Note: NYD 2017 has no NTSC testing, so sound runs to fast and colors are not
set correct. Small Effect doesn't care about NTSC too. So both of my new years
gifts better run on PAL. Hope to release them later with NTSC support.

Disc 2 - multidisc (Single Density)
ATARISID 6			(sounddisc)	by Ivo van Poorten

A disc full of SID sounds.

Disc 3 - multidisc (Enhanced/Medium Density)
MD201701			(intro)		by Cosine
CX2626 Miniatur Golf		(game)		by Playsoft
Camelight 2017			(intro)		by Desire
Happy 2017			(intro)		by Miker & friends
Disco Zax			(music)		by Miker & XXL
Small Effect			(1 screener)	by PPs
Get Lucky			(intro)		by Playsoft
Hotpunk				(picture)	by Mario130XE
Happy New Year!			(intro)		by PopMilo
Multi Twisters			(intro)		by TeBe & Rocky	

Notes for CX2626 from Playsoft:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Instructions for the original VCS version can be found here:


The VCS controls are mapped to the following A8 keys:

start  = game reset switch (begin game)
select = game select switch (select one or two player game)
option = tv type switch (colour or black and white)
1      = left difficulty switch
2      = right difficulty switch

Additionally the + and - keys can be used to adjust the vertical display

Disc 4 - Dozerattack (Enhanced/Medium Density)
Dozer				(game)		by Rockford

Dozer is a game written in TurboBasic from some old sources. Have
fun shooting the enemies.		

Disc 5 - Blowjobb part (Double Density)
NYD2K17				(intro)		by Blowjobb

Note: Disc boots into DOS. Type N*.* and hit Shift-Return to run the intro.

Disc 6 - Soco Maniac (Ehanced/Medium Density)
Soco Maniac (1996)		(game)		by Matosimi

Note: Matosimi started this game when he was 12 and finally released it to the
public with this NYD.
Happy New Year 2017!

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Nice... but I've got no idea about SokoManiac. There looks to be no target location for the boxes, then plan B was to move them so they're all adjoined but that doesn't seem to help.


ed - OK, looks like you have to shift the boxes into the door.

Edited by Rybags
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Nice... but I've got no idea about SokoManiac. There looks to be no target location for the boxes, then plan B was to move them so they're all adjoined but that doesn't seem to help.

Simply bring them to the door (at first level just in the middle of the right most room).

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Oh, I got another entry some minutes ago.


Here is the NYD 2017 - bonus disc brought to you by therealbountybob: NYD 2017 - bonus disc.zip


Some notes from him:


Here is SnowPlow a game from Analog Magazine Issue 64 (Editor was in Issue 65). Full Info on the game here http://www.atarimani...nalog_no_64.pdf


We're playing the game in the HSC, released copies only had 1 level which was a bit disappointing, so I have created a 2nd level and added one that came with the editor as the third level, plus I've done a mini 4th level which I have not tested.


The game is simple but fun - you can PLOW the cars to rescue them for more points!! You can make 1 jump using the fire button. The storms come on more frequently as time goes by. Probably a good one for children too.


The game returns to the title screen after doing each level - press Start and the next level is loaded so leave the disk in/attached.


DOS Disk with snowplow.com renamed to autorun.sys level files SMAP/01/02/03 are loaded in file order not name order.


Best Wishes for 2017

on pouet.net: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=68680

Edited by pps
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its a pleasure to get the NYD programs every year with many demos, intros, gfx, msx, anims, games, etc. Thanks to all contributors !


Besides, the New Years Disk 5 comes as a DD/180k disk with just one program (which you have to load manually). Here is a packed XEX of it, just 8kybtes short...




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