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new years disc 2017


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Besides, the New Years Disk 5 comes as a DD/180k disk with just one program (which you have to load manually). Here is a packed XEX of it, just 8kybtes short...



Please stop modifying anything unless you are asked ;) Your modification removes starting effect of intro. Please delete this file, thank you.

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Had a look at everything, thanks all :thumbsup:

Just wished all programs would reboot on reset; my poor 130XE :-o


Soko Maniac - tricky beat the first screen and the 2nd one had me stumped!

Dozer Attack - sort of Centipedeish!

Minature Golf - great fun :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and has 2 player mode too - Atarimania has the Instructions for this 2600 game

Snowplow - if anyone wants to create an extra level let me know - the game supports 6 I think. [Editor info in Analog Issue #65]


Have fun :)


always nice to get a greeting "therealbountybobo" :-D

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No.. it's GTIA mode 16 shades and midline color changes IMHO. You can't overlay PMG in this mode, only 5th player.

:) you win

Figured once I started poking around with Altira :) How are these midline changes stable? I guess to prevent a million questions from me, I could just ask - will you release the sourcecode perhaps?

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checked for the "missing effect" again and noticed it has to do with colours (or better lack of colours). I added a basic-off switch + a black-screen routine to the 8k file. Remove the black-screen routine ($0400-041E, Init $0400) and the effect is there again...


Explanation of what happened? The start of the intro removes any colours (clears the screen) by adding black "bars" on the screen, but since I added a black-screen-routine to the 8k file one could not see this effect... (it was black on black and therefore invisible)... ;-)

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My little screen is very poor and simple, but I´ll give you the source anyway. Feel free to change it and make something cool out of it, maybe a contribution for the 10Liners Logo contest (why not do it with BASIC?).


10 DIM A$(21),B$(21),C$(21):GRAPHICS 3:POKE 752,1:X=10:Y=5:POSITION X,Y
50 POSITION X,Y+6:? #6;A$:POSITION X,Y+7:? #6;B$:POSITION X,Y+8:? #6;C$ #6;"":POSITION X,Y+10:? #6;C$:POSITION X,Y+11:? #6;B$:POSITION X,Y+12:? #6;A$
60 ? " *** 10LINERS 2017 ***":?  " GKANOLD@GMAIL.COM"
70 FOR I=0 TO 255:FOR J=0 TO 16:SETCOLOR 0,I,J:SETCOLOR 1,I+96,J+4:SETCOLOR 2,T+128,J+8
99 GOTO 70
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Is any their any luck getting all the later works/submissions on the disk... maybe this is a 2 or three disk set this year!

Adding late submissions could be nice :grin:



btw. Unbelievable , what that NYD offers , just for the cause. Very nice.


But, two parts impress me a little more.


One is the Camelight Intro. Looks great and sounds even better. It's incredible what you can do with a full supported Tracker and Digis.

the second is the tune in Get Lucky. Even not using special POKEY tricks, it keeps the "original" tune in a great way...

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You know how many cycles a line CPU have...


Now thanks to Antic... simple STA WSYNC...


Now you are sync with rasterbeam...


Lda #color1

Sta d01a

Nop ; wait 2 cycles = 4 color clocks (?)



Lda #color2

Sta d01a



And you had separate 2 colors per line

OK - I thought that midline changes weren't deterministic due to DMA.

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