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FS: Customized TSOP Xbox, 128MB RAM, large HDD / Coinops 8 r4 Massive

Mark Wolfe

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UPDATE: now offering 128MB RAM upgrades

Email for info. We use NEW chips (not pulled)

YouTube video someone did illustrating benefits of having more RAM



This is especially good for Coinops users. Cost is $150 for just the motherboard ... discounted costs for TSOP and other features listed below:



Send in your Xbox (email for instructions)


Base fee for TSOP/soft mod of your sent in Xbox: $160


Additional charges apply for larger hard drive & parts if 2TB is desired. (email me)


Base Shipping is always $16 Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box (Just console, no wires or cables)


Buy My Pre Modded Xbox:




V1.6x can only be softmodded unless you use a mod chip

I can get & install mod chips, I can also add SATA drives up to 2TB - PM for pricing


Up for sale is a refurbished and custom clear case Original Xbox with a fully operational DVD optical drive that has been TSOP flashed with the EVOX bios & it plays backups, DVD Movies and Commercial Games. It will also boot Sega CD & Turbo Duo CD if you use either emulator correctly... a very nice feature although a bunch of those disc based games are already on board. As well as PS1. While it won't boot PSX discs the PS1 emulator works very well. $200 (clear or custom case mods w/250GB - more if larger drive is desired)


UPDATE: added TSOP option where you can have XBMC as a hi-def 720p Dashboard. All content is high def capable already but using XBMC as a dashboard really makes it look nice.


Shooting for my mods to work like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KumB340gtUo

Coinops 8 R8 combined with a 720p XBMC front end looks amazing


With the emulators that are pre-installed you can play everything from the Atari 2600 era all the way up to N64 / PSX era gaming which is quite amazing. I use mine in my arcade cabinet and it performs beautifully that way. Far more reliable than a PC.


You can customize the HD yourself using simple FTP apps. Several well known websites have free archives for everything you could ever need for original Xbox.


This has every major console emulator w full cartridge libraries on it as well as a full "massive" install of Coinops 8 R4 on either a 250GB, 300GB, or 320GB IDE HD or up to 2TB Western Digital SATA drives


Check out what is new in Coinops 8 R4 which was released earlier this month, Including major graphic tweaks that really shine on the Xbox using hi-def component cables (see photo)




I've itemized costs below so you can save on cost and shipping depending on what you would like


Base Cost (no cables or controllers)


$175 for 250GB (many available)

$185 for 300GB (1 left)

$200 for 320GB (2 left)


PM for SATA prices


Free shipping within USA for just console


Add hi def A/V & Power cables: $15


Media Player Wireless Remote: $5


Add "Duke" original Xbox controller or third party "s style" controllers: $5ea


Add original Xbox S style controller: $15ea


Heavy duty canvas case (holds all cables and a controller): $20


Shipping is additional if you add controllers depending on where you live. I'll cover base shipping cost of $12, anything over that you pay.


Check photo for cool clear case and green LED light over refurbished Optical Drive


Full 90 Day Warranty


Each order comes with a free pair of TORX Allen wrenches so you can take apart the Xbox should you need to



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I also have a clear red case Xbox that will be done by early

Next week for same price as above & I can also offer some normal xboxes with basic 250GB HD for $150 shipped - optical drive on those may or may not be fully functional


(use same list as above if you want cables or controllers)


PM me for info and customized requests

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I just ordered a kit that will recover any Xbox that has a dead or missing heard drive. This will resurrect a shelf full of xboxes In my basement that I will upgrade and sell off . I'm plannin on doing a bunch with smaller hard drives with just coinops that I will sell for $75-$100 for the budget conscious gamers out there

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I added TSOP bios flashing options on my Xbox mods


Soon I will have some with a SATA HD option


I'll match or beat any price for these on eBay (within reason)

Plus you get a 90 warranty on all work, longer warranty on hard drives depending on what you get


I'm also going to be experimenting with spray painting some custom color cases and editing the dash & intro animation to match the colors I use. I plan to start with purple


These XBMC dash mods can stream 720p - 1080i movies, TV, music as well as games so if you consider how much you can get out of one "box" it's well worth the small investment


Hit me up with a private message if you want in or want to send me your Xbox (won't do 1.6 xboxes) I can also recover dead xboxes now so if you have a dead drive it can be recovered without the expense of a mod chip . I can only do soft mod on 1.6 but all the rest can be TSOP modded.

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I still have the clear case custom modded Xbox for sale


Here is the link to my old sales thread that goes back many years. When I made this one I didn't think to revise the old one but I will now



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Go to the coinops website/forum (link below) OR Google "coinops 8" - look for the coinops 8 R8 (revision 8 ) then download the "standalone" version; it's about 1GB in size , then FTP the entire contents of that folder from your PC (not a Mac) to your Xbox. this will update the necessary files of CO5 (for some reason MAC FTP apps don't append the contents of directories it overwrites them, which would destroy your install)


Reboot Xbox, restart Coinops, it will reset and rescan to update, (I had to manually initiate a reset/rescan when I updated r2 to R8 which is done in advanced settings - read the online coinops manual for that)


You won't get the extra games they added to all the revisions since CO5 tho . For that you would need to find the game packs or do a full instill of "CO8 Massive" then update it with R8. It's pretty large, around 60+GB


You don't need previous revisions to update, they are always included in any revision which is why the file size is so big.


Anyone using coinops should join the CO forums: http://coinopsproject.freeforums.org/

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Interested in an Xbox with a much larger hard drive. I have a modded Xbox I got in 2005 but many of the emulators don't work. I would want all Sega platforms, Nintendo up to N64, PSone, 3DO, and coinops. I would want the large HDD so I can install onto the drive the 200 plus Xbox games I own on disk. Let me know if this is possible. :) I have a couple of 4tb drives available.



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While working on another AtariAger's Xbox, we are removing his Executer 3 Modchip from his dead v1.6b motherboard. This is the modchip with the fancy features. Multiple eeprom slots with a front panel switch plate. Depending on what version motherboard you have it could be as easy as two to theee wires and installation is quite easy


Or I could install it for you on a V1.6 mobo and sell just that


I have to research what the Xecuter3 is worth, I'm guessing it will go for cheap


Anyone interested ? Proceeds from the chip go to the original owner. If you want it with a mobo I retain cost of installation and spare mobo

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Yep, five capacitors near where the PSU plugs into the mobo are all buldging at the top but it's not worth the effort to fix at the moment until I have a chance to order the parts


Swapping it with a refurbed 1.0 TSOP board w/clock cap removed ... the 1.6 needed a new power supply anyway cuz both the board and the PSU were DOA so this will be a quick swap out and take a lot less time to get it back to its owner ?

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Pretty sure this one is the 1.6b ... something is very different about it's power supply


I think the Xecuter3 can take an LCD but I don't have it or it's cable. It would make it easier to know which bios you call up... can never remember which bank is which and it's not like it even matters anymore since when that came out it was so you could go on Xbox live when you wanted to boot into a retail dash


TSOP is so much easier and cleaner to deal with

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Yea, I got banned quite a few times back in the day from Live. If it's got the Xcalibur chip, it's a 1.6. Only one to have that video chip.




Keep that board, fix the caps and replace the circled transistor. Bet it fires right up. I always grabbed that transistor off of any other version, even though it is not identical, it worked.

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I'm hip to all that . I'm fairly certain It's a 1.6b


I'm ordering spare parts. I'd rather just fix the boards I have rather the use some for parts to fix others . I actually prefer the earlier model boards with the easily flashable bios chips . I think it is worth re-capping a bunch of them for future sales and my own collection


I have a Neo Geo MVS that needs a few capacitors so I think in the new year I'm gonna do a round of capictot repairs on a few things

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  • 4 weeks later...

Bumpity bump


Got my first 2TB SATA drive up me running


Coming soon; TSOP/2TB custom Xboxes with customized boot logo sequence, matching case colors to dashboard color

Fully loaded with "everything" All in crisp 720P via component cables (vga also available)

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I want to thank old & new customer's for placing all the orders the last few weeks, it's been a lot of fun diving back in to Xbox modding now that I know a lot more and can offer so much more for a lot less.


I'll be away for two weeks starting Tuesday. Back on Feb 6 to start on three orders that are going to be waiting for me when I get back.


Send AA messages or email me while I am away to arrange for one from my new stock of TSOP and Soft modded Xboxes with your choice of various sized HDDs, or you can send me yours (TSOP for all but v1.6 motherboards).


If you ship it the first week of Feb, it will be here when I return. I can knock orders out in a few days. The first 2TB TSOP xboxes will be going out then too... to excited return customers!


Prices are low!! See first post... cheaper still if you supply the Xbox. I also have some really nice collectible versions available for more $$ for those that want a real showpiece ... they all run great even if the cases on the less expensive ones have a few scuffs. All refurbished and cleaned, guantateed for parts & labor for 6 months.


Don't use a fly by night eBay or Craig's later who is probably using a copy of my install in the first place. They don't offer life time service or guarantees on parts & labor.


Cheers to all my Xbox customers from AA, thanks for spreading the word!! ?

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We are now offering 128MB RAM upgrades using new chips (not pulled from donor boards)


Also discounting TSOP & HDD upgrades if you buy an Xbox with the RAM upgrade


Prices start at $150+ship

(will ship motherboards internationally)



If you love Coinops then you will love having more RAM. Coinops is optimized to run with extra ram as are many of the emulators ... contact for more info

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