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High Score Club Season 14

I know we all like a poll so here it is...  

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  1. 1. I hereby commit to playing in the HSC this season

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    • Maybe, go on, you might just enjoy it!
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High Score Club Season 14

The new season begins Jan 20th to Feb 5th 2017 and I'm hoping more of you will join in! So let's spend some time having a go at these games we love :love: , even if you play each game once and post a score that is welcome :)

If you're thinking this will not be as fun as in the old days :twisted: then think again :idea: it's surprising that having scores to compare, working out how to play that game or improving your techniques, plus the discussions, bonus challenges, links, info, maps etc and those much ignored instructions being available (especially for those who had pirated copies in the day :ahoy: ) bring this all back to life :skull: again :D

The poll for the first round starts soon; I've opened up a Welcome and Games List thread where you can add your favourites for consideration. Usually the rounds are 2 weeks long.

It really doesn't matter if you are not good at games, it's not too competitive and the more players we get the more fun it will be for all.

If you need any help getting setup let me know. There's more info on the Beginners' Guide


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LAST CALL! for round 1 of the High Score Club - round ends Sunday morning :)


We're playing Super Pacman, the file versions all seem to all have a bug where the keys don't always ensure all the items are available - the ROM versions are ok. ROM's also have a scrolling message on the title screen.


This atariage thread has a "final" version that was fixed, but the title screen display list now glitches. Does anyone have a better file version / file version with the scroller?

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We're at the half way point for the season If anyone wants to join in the current round is a chance to play any games missed so far, and also to play any new games from 2016/2017, with the stipulation that you post a comment about them. Programmers might want to see if there game has been played ;)



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