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Deset Bus - Official Endurance Contest

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Here a little story of a man who likes to drive a bus with his friend: As you knew and can see above, a friend and I made the challenge and drove to Las Vegas and back. We had a lot of fun, a lot of pain and watched a lot of WWF Royal Rumbles on the WWE Network. My friend was rewarded with free beer and pizza, I was rewarded with the prizes above and we both were rewarded with a special gaming experience. It was worth it, just for the fun.


But there was a banner left, which was the grand prize. And since I am kind of linked to the game I wrote to freewheel if he would sell it and how much he asks for it. And the generous freewheel just said that he just wanted to wait if somebody goes all in for both routes and since nobody has done it the grand prize is mine as well and he will ship it to me for free! Remember, he lives in Canada, I live in Germany and I got two free shippings from him for one single contest!


Today the mailman brought a long parcel and as I promised to freewheel I share the special thing which waited inside of it:



I now need a fine place for this beauty. I consider to put it into a frame for nice presentation. Thank you again very, very much. Its a great collectible for me and I am very happy :)


Here another picture just to show how big the thing is.







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I was in a frame shop today, but they said its hard to frame, because of the metal lugs. The glas could break because of them and so I decided to build my own frame. Not as good as one with glas (and an actual frame :lol: ), but at least enough to display it in a better way.





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