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Season 6 - The New HSC - Week 17/18 = Homebrew Heyday!


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Just to be honest, I changed the emulation settings to European Standard - PAL and framerate 50FPS.

Normally I set Color Format to NTSC to play Atari games - not only 2600, but also 5200 and 7800.

The framerates which I CAN use for emulators in general are 50 and 60 frames per second, which correspond to nominal frequency (50/60 Hertz).

Not to nitpick, but wouldn't that give you an unfair advantage playing the game at 5/6th of the normal speed when your emulator setup is capable of running it at normal 100% speed? I know lots of members here have PAL systems and TVs that can only play games at 50 Hertz and that's just fine, but since you've always played all the other games this season at 60 Hertz you kinda made it sound like you intentionally dialed down the speed of this one game and I guess I'm just a little confused at how that wouldn't be a violation of:


CLARIFICATION: No use of cheats, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that would give you an unfair advantage in this HSC. No game enhancements or special favorite settings are allowed for play in the 2600 HSC, unless specifically authorized by your humble yet strict MODERATORS! (Jacob/BAZ.)


I know it's not my job to be the rules police here and that we're supposed to keep the competition fun and friendly, but the way you worded your decision to play this particular game at 50 Hertz just made it sound a little fishy. My apologies if that was not your intention.

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Getting the ball rolling...


Wall Jump Ninja : 61







I would love to have this a follow on from the last one but a combination of the 2 Games, No loss of Lives but still a time limit

The setting would be Borneo as thats what the Pitfall 2 Letter mentions whenyou got the patch.

Keep Ladders and Cayons but add fast charging animals at you, have rocks falling diagonally, a few more secret rooms.

Gold Bars would stay, but add another high value gem. I could go on....

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Lead (B/B Difficulty, Default Settings, No Continues): 4,706





The reason I like this game so much is that it requires you to master a variety of different vertical shmup disciplines, and there are a few tips I'd like to share for those having trouble with it: The most important thing to know in Lead is that collecting ship power-ups are absolutely essential. In every level you'll see a little bee shaped thing coming down the screen towards you at one point or another, usually towards the end of the level. If you collect it by flying over it then it will increase your ship's firepower, and that extra firepower will be needed for eliminating enemies in a timely manner in later levels. The power-ups you collect can also be used as bombs to clear the screen of all enemies or objects by pressing down during the Fire stages or the button during all other stages, though this should only be used as a last resort in the event that you know you're going to collide with something or miss an enemy that you need to shoot.


Hope that helps! :)

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Lead new attempt, default settings and difficulty B/B 2641

(This time with color format and framerate adjusted to defaults - NTSC 60/Auto)

Took me more attempts and resets to surpass my previous score of 2500 points. Video attached here for verification (it's less than 40MB).


Lead Default for 2600 NEW HSC S6 Weeks 17-18 2641pts.wmv




Video and picture sent to S.BAZ

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This is why I joined the forum - as an excuse to play games I've never played before!

Wall Jump Ninja is now one of my absolute favorite 2600 games. It's addictive, easy to learn, hard to master, the controls are perfect, animation is smooth, colours and the sounds are great. My only real complaint is that 3 lives instead of 1 would be nice (that goes for Lead, too).

But Oystron... what the f**k is this thing? I really just don't get this game, and don't have the patience to try. Not when I could be busy making a tiny ninja jump off walls! Go, ninja, go!

Oystron: 2610



Lead: 2132



Wall Jump Ninja: 63



Bonus: I'd like to see some kind of Aquaman game. You could swim under the ocean and fight enemy submarines, jump out of the water to punch air ships, and - much like a smart bomb - you could occasionally send out a telepathic signal to marine life that would come and destroy all the enemies on screen. Here's an idea of what it might look like:




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can someone explain oystron to me? I can't understand how people get higher scores in it, I play for 20-30 mins and get 2000 points, I don't know how to use bombs and don't understand when the bar fills and the lights flash why I almost always die by the star dude.


Any help will be greatly appreciated :D

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Oystron: 1,090


Led: 546


Wall Ninja Jump: 42


As for my own homebrew? Well, this may sound unusual, but it's something I've thought about for awhile.


I always liked how Activision would tailor their games to work within the limits of the Atari 2600, as opposed to other companies that would try to make their concepts work at any cost, even if it meant flicker or control compromises or things like that.


So I had always imagined, what if I were an Atari 2600 game designer. What kind of game would I design, albeit one that would be tailored to work within the limits of the Atari 2600.


I had always enjoyed AD&D Cloudy Mountain (or Crown of Kings if you want.) And I always imagined a game similar in vein to that, albeit made to work within the limits of the Atari 2600.


Your character would start out in a maze, which would be dark at first, but as you explored, you would find the layout of the maze, and your goal would be to collect treasures to increase your score, while fighting off monsters with your magic crossbow. You have an unlimited amount of 'magic crossbow bolts' but only one can be onscreen at a time, since you need time to reload. There is no ending like in Crown of Kings, rather the goal is to survive as long as possible. However, unlike Crown of Kings, when you reach a certain point threshold, you can move to another maze with more treasures and monsters. Later levels would include booby traps that could stun your character, but also could be used to trap the enemies and make them easier to kill.


Once you hit a certain number of points, a giant monster (like a dragon or something) would come after you. This monster would require a lot of hits to take out, but doing so would increase your score massively.


Your character would be a small human like figure, representing your adventurer.


Going with the standards of Atari 2600 naming of the day, I'd call it, 'Dungeon Hunt.'

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Oystron: 25,140

Lead: 1,571

Wall Jump Ninja: 66





can someone explain oystron to me? I can't understand how people get higher scores in it, I play for 20-30 mins and get 2000 points, I don't know how to use bombs and don't understand when the bar fills and the lights flash why I almost always die by the star dude.


Any help will be greatly appreciated :D


Whenever you make a full row of purple squares you are awarded 1 bomb. (your bomb count is the single-digit number at the bottom.) When the X-monster comes you need to drop off a bomb in a place where the monster will run into it. Go to an empty space ahead of the monster and press fire and you will drop off one of your bombs, the X-monster runs into it and boom. You get a bunch of points. Now everything comes flying at you fast for a bit, so I'd recommend staying put and firing from one spot until the screen stops flashing and stuff slows down.


I like this game, my only complaint is I think it goes too far with all that flashing light!

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