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Season 6 - The New HSC - Week 17/18 = Homebrew Heyday!


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Wall Jump Ninja - Room 60





Lead - 2,488





Oystron - 3,200






Can't believe I was completely unfamiliar with Wall Jump Ninja and Jump. If they would have come out in the 80's they'd have been huge sellers.



Bonus: Oddly enough a lot of games I dreamed about having on the 2600 have been released in recent years. Other than having a much better port of Crazy Climber with dual stick control I would really like to be able to finish the excellent homebrew Man Goes Down because it, sadly, doesn't look like it's ever going to get done.

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Oystron - 1480 I'm gonna need to work on this one.


Lead - 2617


Wall Jump Ninja - 56





I actually have done some work toward making a homebrew VCS game. I want it to be an electronic warfare-themed game where opposing players try to jam and destroy each other's numbers stations. The action will take place along one or two (depending on game variation) one-dimensional representations of a radio link, and players will have to dodge and maneuver around the random binary symbols of encrypted messages. Getting from one end of the screen to the other will advance the progress of your jamming, but your opponent can counteract this, so the gameplay in two-player variations is sort of a mix between Freeway and tug-of-war.

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WJN is dead I believe


I scored a 69 on it and I feel the opening to reach 70 is just slightly too small for the character to get past. I hit it dead center and couldn't get through, so, I think 69 is the highest score you can get with it.


Also, a new Lead score of - 2,299




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(I'm DONE with this score - 60 is my target score)




@DarQ Massacres - impressive score on Wall Jump Ninja. Could you provide your best tips to get better on this 2600 homebrew?

Sometimes we need tips for less experienced players on certain games.

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can someone explain oystron to me? I can't understand how people get higher scores in it, I play for 20-30 mins and get 2000 points, I don't know how to use bombs and don't understand when the bar fills and the lights flash why I almost always die by the star dude.


Any help will be greatly appreciated :D

I think this is one of those game that's more about flashing lights than score or making sense.


Glad to see you're still participating by the way. I'll post my score in a jiffy but I believe you beat me in every game this time. I'll have to work harder to make sure you don't catch up.

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Alright, I didn't have much time recently but I want some points! And some of you might notice that I'm now using a new device that doesn't get along too well with CRT to take pictures.

Lead: 1005
Oystron: 2190
Wall jump Ninja:50

Bonus: A while ago I figured I'd learn to code for the 2600 to make a game, alas not having any programming background I gave up pretty fast. Here's the entirety of the game design if by chance any bored programmer is looking for a challenge.

Bombastic Bash BLOcks
Essentially a Smash Bros clone/downport. Up tp 4 players using two sets of paddle controller.
Each player has a block that can be immobile (paddle centered), walk left and right (paddleslightly to the side), run (paddle turned fully to the sides) and jump (button).

Jumping on another block adds one damege to that block. Two blocks touching by their sides get pushed in opposite directions. The more damages they have the furthest they get pushed. A block dies by touching a killing zone (spikes, bottomless pits, possibly getting squished by moving platform, etc.) on the play field. As both block get ejected when they touch, it's important that your own attack don't end up killing you. Game design on the arena could make or break this game, if such a game is possible.




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