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New Atari Console that Ataribox?


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7 minutes ago, Agillig said:

Exciting news on the Facebook front!  There's a new group called the Atarivcs Haters.  Wait...Hatters?    




Oh, yeah, the AtariVCS Hatters.  They're a splinter group from the usual haters and trolls - as far as they're concerned, tacos have no supremacy and the speakerhat is Atari's crowning achievement.  Despite also being anti-VCS, their tactics and methods are generally disavowed here.

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My power goes out for a couple days, and I come back to quite the party. It looks like that Arizona tech conference was more hilarious than I could've reasonably hoped. While I feel a bit sorry for Woz being used to try to give the "Box" more legitimacy, it seems not much else other than some funny pics came out of it. If Scott really was 100% behind the hardware, being paid to look at it or not, we would've heard Fred or the Atari VCS pages sing his praises from on high but now. Considering the only buzz about this is coming from here, we can all guess what happened.

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23 hours ago, PlaysWithWolves said:


All of the Internet: There goes Fred with his non-working Ataribox.


Powerdubs: We don't know for sure  what's in the inside.






He's just upset that the stock price dropped again. 


He better sell soon, before it's too late. 

22 hours ago, Clint Thompson said:

Unreal. Using Woz to frontline your shitbox. 



Everyone: how can they possibly disappoint us any more at this point?!


Freddy: Hold my beer. No wait, I must finish it first.... 

green bay slow chugger GIF by Bleacher Report


Greta and Fred seem like a good match - they're both lacking a little something upstairs. 

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53 minutes ago, Woulfe said:

An Apple A Day...


Woz: Oh hey, we got this thing called AppleTV that also streams Netflix and play games.  You got 2600 games running on the iOS platform right?


Fred: Oh, about that... ?



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