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Venture 5200


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Very, very cool.


I played on 1. That was too easy. I killed myself off at 1 million.


Then I played on 3. I didn't notice any real difference until I hit the million mark again and more monsters started populating the dungeon. I kept playing and there were some little changes.


Some monsters took more hits to kill (goblins and snakes became multi-hit). The trap room gained a couple of new walls. Other rooms started requiring objectives. For example, the snake room required defeating all the monsters before the treasure would appear. Some rooms required all the monsters be killed before the door would open and allow escape.


And then, suddenly there was a new map and four new rooms. I was a little disappointed that two of the four were new trap rooms. The Reaper room and it's unkillable minions is something of a crapshoot. Therefore, I only thought there was one well made room in the set with it's respawning monsters.


Finally, I played on 3c. That's the difficulty to play on.


But control is so much better than any other version, and the speed feels great. It looks fantastic too.


There are a few bugs here and there. Sometimes when shooting in a room you'll "hit" empty air. The treasures shown between each level don't start where they're supposed to if you start a new game after being killed off. Instead they start at wherever the next treasure you would have earned in your previous game. Hall monsters reset to their origin points every time when exiting a room.


The pause button isn't enabled. Neither is Reset.


Venture is finally on the 5200!

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Wow! I'm guessing this is a conversion of the Atari 8-bit computer version? Just a guess. I haven't played it yet... going to be a fun play today!


Thanks for posting this... if it's a work in progress (as Gabriel suggests some bugs etc) I would love to see this go to a cart at some point with a cool manual etc.


Regardless, Venture on the 5200! Woo hoo!

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Played this quite a bit over the weekend. It really need to use digital controls as with my stock 5200 controllers, the deadzone on it is hard to gauge with this game. I also didn't really notice a difference between the two shooting modes? They both seem to work the same way to me.


I did cause the game to glitch out a few times when loosing my last life by pressing keys together like pause and reset at the same time. But it isn't very easy to reproduce. But when it does glitch out...it requires a power cycle to restart. But yes, this is a really fun and excellent conversion!

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I have removed the binary at request of the game's author.





I never got around to downloading while it was posted -




Ah well, back to me COLECOVISION version I guess................

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