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Tutorvision games - Interest check


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I and David Harley dumped the roms of 3 tutorvision games:


- Geo Graphics
- Map Mazes
- Shapes In Space

We could produce these games with box, manual and all, BUT they would work only on tutorvision consoles and on some (not all) of Super Pro System consoles.


So, they would be mainly pieces for collectors (but could be played on emulator on pc).


If we do it, anyone would buy them?





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If you have an INTV System Intellivision and the worms in Worm Whomper don't display correctly you might have a Tutorvision. It should also be obvious if you open it up and look at the mainboard.

What's the serial number of your Super Pro System that's Tutorvision compatible? Does it have the Intellivision grom/font or the Tutorvision grom/font?


The Tutorvision mainboard revision is dated 1988. INTV Corp made systems from 1985 until maybe 1990. So there could be a few out there. Hard to say when exactly or if that board revision went into production. I think the one Intellivision Productions has is branded INTV System III, so those might have it as well. I'd assume it would be late serial numbers.

And to emulate Tutorvision you'd need a recent jzintv and a copy of the tutorvision exec. The tutorvision grom is optional.


How is Geo Graphics? It is a level 2 game so it should be a little more interesting than the other two.


Like Alex pointed out, if the old Mattel games say copyright INTV it could be a tutorvision exec.

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!!! I had no idea that some of the Super Pros had a different GROM/EXEC!


I just had to yank mine out of the box and test it - sadly, classic GROM :( Serial A14108 - we should see if there's a specific serial range that has the compatible board, it'd make it easier to find them. Because yes, I think a price premium would definitely be warranted. I'd be interested in these carts if I had a compatible system.


Edit: for fun, I yanked out my IIIs. Neither of them has the new GROM either :( One does have a nice larger-than-normal green Xmas catalog with all of the Super Pro games though. I should trade it with one of you paper collectors, if it has any value.

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