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Rick's Extra Life charity all-day gaming event

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Hey everyone,


As you may have heard on the show, Cmart has berated me for not publicising my Extra Life game day charity event enough. You may also have heard that he was going to step up and be my publicist! And then you may have heard that he passed that buck on to Rev!


So I don't know what's going on there. But the Extra Life event is coming up quick! The main day is 11/4, but I have a prior commitment that weekend so I'll be doing my all-day gaming marathon on Saturday November 11, starting around 8:00am EST.


Extra Life (https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm) is a charity that helps Children's Hospitals. I'll be playing for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Any little bit you can donate will help!


My other Intellivisionaries co-hosts want to tie some stunts to various giving totals. E.g. if my overall funds raised hits $500, I'll play a certain game on the marathon day, or I'll down a box of Cheez-its, etc., etc. I'll certainly entertain such requests! If it's something I can do (and is within the bounds of good taste!) I'll try to do it. I've already received a request to play a specific game (Diner) and I'll certainly be doing that.


Anyway, if you'd like to donate to my Extra Life campaign, you can do so here: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=249319


On the actual gaming day (11/11), I'll have a link to wherever my live-stream is available on my personal website (http://www.rickandviv.net) and I'll probably update this thread here on AA as well. I think I'll probably be using youtube again, but I have to do some tests to see what setup will work best.


It's a great charity and a fun event. If you are in a position to do so, I'd love it if you can help my fund raising campaign.


Thanks everyone!


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I definitely think anyone donating should at least suggest a game theyd like to see Rick play. As for the rest of the activities, I think we need to define what levels Rick needs to reach. :)


Jokes aside, I would genuinely request of the Inty Brotherhood to please support Ricks fundraising in any way possible as it is for a great cause thats also near and dear to my heart. Whatever you can afford will be much appreciated. ??


Also, lets be honest, who doesnt want to see him pour a bag of Cheezits down his face hole? To the best of my knowledge, outside of his immediate family, I am the only human to witness this glorious event. It truly is a wonderful spectacle, a true feat of human awesomeness. Just sayin.

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Thanks so much, Rev! Yep, the gaming marathon is scheduled for this Saturday. I'll be doing some testing this week to try and make sure that the stream will go well. I've also been working on some repairs of consoles and controllers. Hopefully things will be in good shape for some great gaming time this weekend. See the first post in this thread about donating to my campaign.

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One more pic of some preparations. I just "finished" this controller last night.




Right now it's an Atari 2600/7800 controller - the third buttons on each side and the orange near the top aren't wired in yet. My plan is to make it switchable between Atari pinout and Sega Genesis pinout. But I didn't quite get the time to finish that bit before Saturday.


Still, it came out pretty good. Used the Easy 78 board from Edladdin controls, and Ed even pointed me to one of the enclosures he uses so I just ordered one of those.


I know it isn't an Intelly controller, but the planned Genesis compatibility is so I can use a Sega -> Intellivision converter that grips03 is going to hopefully be making next year.

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